How to Save Your Marriage - 22nd Mar 2019

How to Save Your Marriage

At Shunyata
You will come back to the essence of who you truly are and become
The Lover you have always longed for!

I deeply  believe we all crave the deepest forms of romantic and sexual intimacy. We want to experience a love that is pure and unconditional. We want to truly  worship those we love and we want to be worshipped in return. I believe we innately want to be able to share what is true in our hearts and be met with compassion and understanding, without being made wrong or told we need to change.  I believe we all want an amazing sex life that blows us apart and makes us want to be alive.

If your relationship isn’t working – then life isn’t working. We all have heard of the heartache and the turmoil involved in marriage breakups, I know myself having been through the family law court and losing custody of my child.


Has the spark gone?
Are you at rock bottom?
Does one of you want to make it work and not the other?
Have you tried counselling and still not moving forward?
Do you both want it to work and rekindle that love?
Do you truly love your partner but can't seem to make it work?

For 14 years Paru has  worked with couples  bridging  the gap with qualities of the feminine and  masculine to create intimacy, the dance between consciousness and love..  We bring back the masculine of Presence, Claim & Penetration and the feminine of invitation, surrender & expression of being

conscious relationship is a romantic liaison where both people feel dedicated to a sense of commitment towards growth .Most relationships are run from unconscious patterns, based on romantic pursuits, full of fear and seeking to please the other and asking the other unconsciously to provide happiness.  The normal scenario when the honeymoon is over and the relationship goes downhill. When you become conscious you become aware of habitual, addictive, thinking and ego patterning  and make a decision  to take responsibility and not blame the other.

We work with the enneagram – unconscious patterns that cause the most suffering to self & others
We work with The Journey method – the most amazing guided meditation to take you back to a block or childhood trauma that is stopping you move forward now in life
We counsel one on one and together– deeply using these tools to help you open up to love again
We provide tools to respark the love again what attracted you in the first place
We move beyond romantic love to a true sense of trust again and openess with each other
We bring the intimacy back and refind truth
We work with the highest frequency pure essential oils – doterra to help you open to a deeper love and reclaim the masculine and feminine for intimacy
We provide amazing delicious, decadent opening tantric practices to bring love alive again
We finish with a 3 course romantic dinner that you will treasure


Healing of the soul

Shunyata is one of the greatest experiences i have ever had. Not just because of the amazing food Paru made, or because of the absolutely amazing scenery from my bedroom window.. but because of the fact that going to Shunyata has changed everything.. in an amazing way. Straight off the plane Paru's energy blew us away and we were so comfortable from then on. Her love and energy is given in everything and you truley feel that. I can honestly say after the most rough year of our relationship, Paru has helped my partner and i fall in love all over again. I was sad to leave.. but if you are reading this then please believe me when i say this is a healing experience you will not forget. 

Thank you Paru, we are so grateful to have met you!!! Aroha nui

SoulfulL bliss & healing

Kia ora koutou katoa, Well where start,

For starters i am a typical egotistic male and i thought this would of been the last place on earth i would of ended up being a mans Man and all!!
But in desperate times men look for help in strange places and in this place my partner in crime and i have found the peace deserved with calm souls.We thank you paru for your beautiful teachings awesomely delicious food and warming hospitality with the morning yoga and evening meditation by a warm fire truly an experience needed by most would recommend this to anyone problems or not well worth it.
we arrived with no expectations and a open mind & heart,in order to get out what you want to find and let go of you,yourself have to ask the questions do i really want to do this? Or is it another poor excuse im giving myself to say NO I've tried that it doesn't work! because thats what I've always told myself and facing those very demons that I have been fighting and feeding my hole life i finally had the chance to face on level ground now these demons have no shadows to hide in,I am on track with me, with my wife and my children,thanks again Paru for giving me the tools to bring me to the present moment.

Nga mihi arohanui.


Her pattern was tragic romantic – so she has taken out the tragedy and turned it into a service to a higher loving for all. Paru first of all studied with David Deida and his partner, acknowledged as one of the most insightful and provocative spiritual teachers of our time in the area of sacred intimacy.   She has explored masculine and feminine energies for 30 years. She has done many workshops on tantra and sexual healing  She has over 15 years of healing sexual blocks with the journey method & cranio sacral and  she is deeply passionate in bringing couples to a place of deeper, unconditional love in relationship. She specialises in sexual abuse with the journeymethod and helps people open after shutting down in intimacy. Her deepest passion is to serve a healthy healing love and many of her clients have become dear friends today.


 Come and retreat at beautiful Diamond Harbour for 3 or 5 days



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