Grief and how to deal with it healthily on retreat - 23rd Nov 2016


It is the time when many of us are losing our parents. This is a truly deep time and we want to share in their passing in a healthy beneficial way.

In comes THE JOURNEY . My mother died around september the 11th just after the towers went down and the whole world was in grief. I flew from Byron to Melbourne to see her for the 5th time and she died while I was in the air. I had been doing so much preparation for her passing and felt devastated I wasn't there to witness her soul leaving. To add to this at this time I was on the last ansett flight in Australia and they were blaming Air New Zealand for their bankruptcy. Wow did I feel it that night – listening to the news, it came to me“The war is deeper than the rugby between New Zealand and Australia.”

Brandon Bays had told us that grief shouldn't take more than 7 days if we go into it completely.Well the travel industry was quiet so I did just that. I took a homeopathic called ignatia, to let all the feelings come up and if you haven't been through grief, it will knock you for a six. One minute you are crying, the next laughing and it's out of control – so you let it go out of control. It took 2 months but I can truly tell you by allowing these feelings to come totally, I felt my mother left me with an amazing legacy. She suffered so much in this lifetime but I made a decision to live her passion, which she had from time to time in her memory. To this day I feel truly blessed.  I made a healthy vow and a vow has a lifeforce of its own.

Many years later on seeing people here at Shunyata, we truly feel these trapped feelings with The Journey, we clear out the blocks and come to a new beginning from the soul. We take the legacy our parents have left us and we go live it for them and for ourselves.

I also use this amazing doterra essential oil of Console – which is like having mum's arms wrapped around you telling you it will be alright and this helps people to truly feel hidden


How to Deal with Grief

If people haven't been through grief they can't be there for you. They don't know how to bewith their own emotions let along your out of control ones. You need people who understand and who can hold your hand through the grief so you can get on with life. Most people just tell you to get over it and this  doesn't work. It needs to be felt totally to move.on.

Many clients have left Shunyata with their grief dealt with in a healthy way – so reach out You are not alone. Come and be nurtured and pampered back to wholeness. Give this gift to yourself for you and your loved ones. Call now 03 3294773 or txt 0272 777734 or email

Paru Clarke runs Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa

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