Getting Your Mojo Back - 7th Nov 2016

Getting Your Mojo Back

Getting your Mojo Back and Powering through Life

There is so much disconnection, depression and suicide happening in this country that has been named number 1 in the best country in the world to live. What is going wrong?

Most people who come to Shunyata have been through some tough times and have lost track, feel disconnected from their loved ones, feel something is not right anymore and finally reach out for some help. They have done the right thing – they have reached despair, their ego patterns can't work anymore and they are disconnected from their soul or their true self but don't realise it, just something doesn't seem right anymore.


I opened Shunyata for this very reason, I too lost myself, felt depressed, shut down and mistrusting of people in life when I lost custody of my child in Byron Bay 30 years ago and what a journey I have been on ever since and what a true privilege to offer a place that I would have loved to have come to, to get my mojo back. You can't trust people because most of them are living from their ego patterns, but you can trust in a higher power.

What is it to feel alive, open, motivated, inspired, on fire? When was the last time you felt this?Don't we deserve this, doesn't everyone want to live their best of themselves and then offer it to the world.

How do we do that – how do we get our Mojo back?

Well Paru has been working with people for 12 years now and has noticed a theme that is slightly different for each person and is tailored accordingly but generally follows this sequence. Each year she travels over the world to research the most advanced healing and consciousness teachers and this year discovered she was on the right track here in New Zealand and up to date.
First we have to disconnect from the world and come on retreat to give up doing and just be and take time to go inside and discover what we have missed being in the cogwheel of life.

Next we have to know who we are and who we are not The enneagram (unconcious patterns of behaviour )and what is our life purpose or gift to the world.

Next we have to know what foods work for nourishing our body, our temple to work at it's optimum.It is different for everyone and there is so many diets and food fads out there that people are confused. The one that is all encompassing and balances you body mind and soul is your ayurvedic type lady came off a P Addiction just doing this ayurveda detox programme

Next we have to come to forgiveness of all the people that have hurt us and who we are shut down from, because our shut down is taking our life force. We can do this with The Journey at Shunyata which not only helps with forgiveness, but takes you to your source and opens you toclarity from a soul prospective. or if you can't come to shunyata the doterra forgiveness oil is amazing

Next we have to know what is happening emotionally if there is some physical challenge and this we can do with a zyto reading and then provide the right essential oil to help you overcome this challenge. Most physical illnesses have an emotional component and if you have tried everything else, this usually works because it addresses the unconcious blocks. Many people have overcome chronic fatigue with a different oil.

If it is pain you are dealing with, combining the deep blue doterra essential oil or the oils in the zyto reading with craniosacral and reflexology – pain disappears and you can get on with living totally.

Next you have to establish your part in your separation with your loved ones. No more blame game, what we want – give it 10 fold and it will come back to you. Open up and be humble and in truth and this will bring back true intimacy. Forgive.

Self love is such an important part of our journey of awakening and most people are not gentle with themselves as they grow, Love Whatever arises. Fall deeply in love with your inner child and your body, your sacred temple.

Notice our underlying fears. We are either living in fear of love. Feel the fears and behonest about them which helps us to be free. What we resist persists. The journey helpsus to be true to our emotions and the amazing doterra essential oils also help us unblock feelings that we are not feeling.

Are we living our life in authenticity. 90% of the lies are the lies we tell ourselves and it'sour illusion, generally women, or denial generally men, that is blocking the truth.Truth will set you free.

Are we grateful everyday for what we have. We can't force it – it comes out of an open heart.But gratefulness brings so much more magic and godliness to our lives. The new spikenard doterra essential oils helps us with gratefulness

Have we got our life in balance, following our 3 passions in life and giving equal time to them all.This is true success.  I put balance oil on my feet every day to keep emotions balanced and my life in balance.

Have we surrendered to a higher power and asked that higher power for help or are we still proud and independent and feeling separate. Oneness is the only way the world is going forward.Live in abundance which means oneness, connection and wholeness. - there is enough for all of us.
Look at your life and ask yourself if you want to get off the cogwheel of madness in the world, chasing the dollar, temporary success, disconnection and suffering and make a difference bycoming home to your true self and getting true clarity from a soul's prospective. The only true and lasting joy comes from going in. Live causeless joy not dependent on anything or anyone and touch your loved ones with connection, true intimacy and depth and wisdom.

Call Paru today to book your retreat or day spa or how to obtain wholesale prices on these amazing therapeutic oils 03 3294773 or email

Watch" You are Not my Guru" Tony Robbins on Netflix to give you an idea of the
breakthrough you will have one on one at Shunyata




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