Feminine Power for Manifestation - 29th Jan 2020

Feminine Power for Manifestation

How to Unlock this Huge Power Within

Have you had a deep longing in your heart to live a more authentic, effortless,purposeful life following your passions and living the life of your dreams in your work, your love life and your health?

Are you going to live the legacy of your mother which she could not live  or follow in her unconcious behaviours?

The way of the old paradym doesn’t work anymore. Women competing with men, the corporate world is full of it – the new way is the way of the feminine. The energy of the feminine is truly the way of the future and has a power so much bigger than anything you have ever experienced. She is the ocean - so vast.

We each have masculine and feminine power within us but if we are a woman our rightful core is feminine and owing to upbringing and patterns of unconcious behaviour, the enneagram (ego patterns)we have blocked this power within and it is time to reclaim it for manifesting the life of our dreams in our work, our love life and our health.

Ok sisters, what is it you truly want?
If you got that what would it give you?
What are you avoiding?

Really go deep into this question – the first step is to be clear.

Maybe it’s authentic confidence
maybe to be a loving relationship that supports growth
to be accepted for who you truly are
to live a prosperous life within your values so you can give back to what you
truly believe in
to express your creativity
to have abundant energy, vitality and health
to do the work that supports your deepest passions in life
To experience true freedom
to really access the yearning from the heart that has been covered over

It’s yours for the taking but we have to do some work first. We have to clear the blocks that are stopping you truly living this life of your dreams. This is
not airy fairy stuff, it's getting down to the roots of these blocks, it takes courage, perseverance and inspired action.

The qualities of the feminine are

1. Trust
2. Receptivity
3. Patience
4. Being
5. Surrender

How many of these are you living sisters? It’s not about being pretty, being sweet,about how feminine you dress cause she has all energies. She is Kali, the destructor who will kill for love, she is the angelic angel, she is shakti dancing but she shows up in all forms.  She is strong but soft.

We, as women, have become very masculinised. What does this mean ? Success is being revered and we are in the mode of doing all the time.We have become too busy in life and have no time to slow down and self nurture.
Your sexual energy, if alive,  it is your life force, your kundalini your health and vitality. When we are in the doing mode all the time, this gets blocked. There is a true power deep within that can manifest anything. This consciousness, this presence is manifestation on steroids and it’s time to reclaim it for ourselves.

So what story are you telling yourself?

I feel alone, I’m not enough, I’m too much, I’m not wanted,I'm too fat, I have nothing to give.

The qualities of the feminine are needed back into our lives and bodies for us to truly radiate as light and feminine beings.A beautiful woman who is rested, feels pleasure in her body, has a balance in life of work and pleasure can radiate light to the world and heal the world with her love and heart. So what is stopping you living this juicy feminine in your life?

If you’re like most conscious, smart women, you don’t want to just achieve success… you want to realize your highest destiny.

Imagine A future where:

  • Your unique gifts are unleashed and impacting others…

  • You have greater prosperity and purpose in your career…

  • Your relationships are deeply intimate, loving and supportive…

  • You’re connected to a higher power and feel energized and radically alive every day…

2020 is the year of feminine energy and Paru will be hosting workshops that help you
reclaim your power for effortless non doing and living the life of unconditional love
email info@journeyessence.com to claim your place

This is for goddesses who:a

Are  sick of being in the corporate world which is not always aligned with your true values and not living in truth?

 Long to be part of something that is truly working with oneness & connection?

Who want to know the true laws of manifestation and how it works so you can live an easy effortless life, work smarter not harder?

Who want to work for home and do the work that serves your purpose and your passion?

Who want to make a difference in this world that sometimes feels like it’s going backwards but be part of an evolution of consciousness that is going forwards?
Who want to be empowered to take charge of their health naturally with plant based medicine?

Who want to know the true secret of abundance and manifestation how to connect to it beyond The Secret?

Who want to know the want true happiness beyond mind games?


“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”
― Matthew Arnold

Register your place for these amazing days as space will be limited
by emailing info@journeyessence.com  and following will be a 
mastermind on living feminine power in your daily lives group

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