Essential Oils Used at Shunyata and Why we couldn't do without them - 24th Aug 2021

Essential Oils Used at Shunyata and Why we couldn't do without them Life is hard enough - why shouldn't we make it easier with something, pure and gorgeous smelling that lifts you into deliciousness to make your day easier?

Essential oils have been around since year dot and have been an amazing tool for both emotional and physical ailments but doterra oils have taken the world by storm and even though living in Byron Bay, Paru used many oils and had many of her clients at Flight Centre representing Essential Oil companies, she has never seen the profound effects & vibrancy of the doterra nz  in her retreat in the last 6 years.  The smell of pure essences at Shuyata helps you to let go and relax totally.

Essential Oils of NZ

First finding these beauties when she suffered candida symptoms and after spending thousands of dollars on naturopaths and people in the field she finally did the cleanse beyond all cleanses and was finally Candidiasis free.

Over the last 6 years she is a great believer that life is hard enough and doterra nz can purely and naturally deal with so many problems.

Where I Use My Essential Oils in my life and at Shunyata

I use them in cooking because they are so pure – from my wild orange fudge to chia pudding,the best chai in the world with health benefits and the sauce in my pasta dishes. And for a wicked mocktail instead of drinking alcohol. The oils not only lift the taste of the food but have huge health benefits as well and people who know Paru love her food.

For energy, pick up and also relaxation in the hydrotherapy bath, for yoga and meditation to come into the body, grounded and out of the mind.

In my massage sessions for deep seated pain and problems that have been longstanding and of course sacral cranial therapy  and reflexology with the oils, miracles happen. For sleeping at night – so crucial in these times, right down to How to get rid of hemorrhoids -when I overdo things, so fast these days I don’t even need to use my ozone sauna

For forgiveness in the Journey process and to help with anxious feelings As the Journey method and the enneagram test truly helps with depression – we also have an oil for supporting that.When I do the cleanse or detox with the clients,  there is a great oil to assist with inflammation and learn about anti inflamatory foods and of course best way to lose weight and the benefits of intermittent fasting. This oil works on metabolism and takes away the appetite.Stress ,which is the main problem for so many people and why they come for a retreat,
Paru has an amazing essential oil for that.

If you are empathic like Paru, we are drawn to smells and with the purity of these amazing oils – you are uplifted instantly, with the difusers, on the body, in the bath and helping the detox and weight loss, and finally for intimate connections in the romantic weekend gettaways we have sublime oils to help that in the hydrotherapy bath and the 3 course romantic dinner.
Occasionaly we might have a few too many wines - have a hangover cure that works amazingly
Headaches come up often when detoxing - there is an amazing oil and no need for panadol..
Hot flashes and energy boosting is amazing with peppermint oil.

Part of the retreat programmes  is an energy reading here at Shunyata that goes into the emotional component of what is going on with you in the subconscious and this relates so deeply to the clients beyond the enneagram.Finally there is a lot of illnesses supported with with these high frequency essential oils including autoimmune and cancer that have had amazing results so combined with all the other amazing healing techniques – these oils have taken Shunyata to another level with Symphony of the Cells which Paru has also been trained in.

There was some bad press a couple of years ago by a disgruntled aromatherapist,  but if you do your research, this company has over 11million people in the world using these amazing oils for everything pure and natural.  I love their co-impact sourcing initiatives where they give back and 
how they align  with my deepest values integrity, equanimity, equality and inspiring me constantly for the next step in life so I can keep inspiring my clients.

So all in all, Shunyata and the healng has risen to another level in the last 6 years with doterra oils
If you want to know more about Shunyata or doterra call Paru tel:0272777734 or go to her doterra page Pure High Vibrancy Essential Oils or email



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