Emotional Intelligence with The Journey and Doterra essential oils 12 Feb Christchurch - 28th Dec 2018

Emotional Intelligence with The Journey and Doterra essential oils 12 Feb Christchurch

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80 % of our illnesses and addictions are caused by emotional imblances -
Most of illnesses and addictions are caused by childhood trauma, unmet sadness, grief and anger

Our emotions affect our behaviours, our responses, our choices and even our perceptions.emotions are a connection point with others, nature, humans and ourselves. But to truly feel takes a lot of courage and you have to be brave. No- one really taught us at school how to be healthily with our emtions

We are either dramatising them, running from them, numbing them out or agressing and dumping them. Most people are escaping from them, cause if they feel the highest joys, then they must be feeling the deepest of pain. Feel the good and run from the bad but unless we meet the dark side we will never be authentically in the light.

Some of us lose ourselves or wallow in our emotions, with a story that can’t let go and it takes a compassionate witness to observe the ever changing world of emotions.Someone who feels safe to feel.

If we truly feel our emotions fully, they can pass through the body quickly and you will feel refreshed, cleared out and released. But sometimes we go over and over the story from the head and this causes suffering. We keep the problem in place with the story. We can also manipulate the emotions

Some feel great and some feel truly uncomfortable like weakness, vulnerability, unworthiness, unloveability, insecurity, shame, humiliation and fear. We judge them good and bad.

How we feel them can be a game of inflation like bullying, blame and domination
Rigidity – holding onto them by hardening, shutting down and denial and putting a wall around heart.
Deflation – hiding out, introversion, collapse, narcotising, and passive resistence.

All of these behaviours can be associated with depression.

If we open into the core of any emotion and burn through it, we will open to peace, our source, our essence of our being. Even school kids can do it. Not catharting into pillows , this is different = Opening silently into stillness and totally feeling the feeling, the experience is liberating and lasting.

When we truly are there we come out of the head and into the heart.  We are in bliss cause
we reach the essence of our being.

Paru will be holding a free evening  on how to deal with emotions healthily with the journey and doterra high vibration essential oils.



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