Detox Retreat New Zealand - 28th Dec 2018

Detox Retreat New Zealand


Do you feel a toxic overload after all the December celebrations?

Do you want to start 2019 with energy and lifeforce?

Do you want to get your eating right for your ayurvedic constitution?

Do you want to heal both physical and emotional blocks and start 2019 in style?

Do you want to drop those extra kilos as a bonus healthily?


This time of the year it’s hard to get back into healthy foods. To do this on our own is tough. But if the intention is there and someone will do it for you and you’ve made your mind up – then Shunyata is the place to come cause it is more than a physical detox

Ayurveda is the most ancient form of healing and truly gets to the core of the body mind soul balance. The liver cleanse allows the body to get back into rhythm along with yoga, meditation and the soul work with the Journey, you are brand new ready to truly enter 2019 in style.

Imagine being next to the ocean, doing yoga on the deck, listening to the birdsong and finding your mind come quieter every day. Imagine it being all about you. Imagine clearing blocks thathave stopped you living your highest potential.

If you can’t make it to Shunyata – Paru has the best Cleanse and restore progamme from doterra that cleared her candida for good and can put you onto this with the right protocol.


Email her @ to find out more.

Tel 03 3294773 or 0272 777734 and speak to Paru today




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