Depression the Natural Way in New Zealand - 29th Oct 2018

Depression the Natural Way in New Zealand DEPRESSION NZ

Life is hard and the struggle is real and there are natural solutions!!!!!

New Zealand has the highest teenage sucicide in the world. Why? We live in god’s own country. Why are our youth taking their lives? What is happening with them emotionally, phisically and spiritually when they decide to end it?

The real cause of depression is a pattern of emotional shutdown and blocking of emotions caused some form of hurt, trauma or unresolved pain.

Who am I to talk about this?

My name is Paru and this subject is so dear to my heart as I also suffered a deep shutdown of 10 years when I lost custody of my child and the reason I came home after 27 years to help people. There is hope and after 13 years of running Shunyata Health and Healing retreat – I know that depression is an unconcious pattern of behaviour that includes deflation and collapse that drives us deeper into the black hole. It is not a mental illness,it is not an illness at all but goes back to an incident in childhood usually between3 and 8 that was a trauma and caused a shutdown in the cells which then continued an inflation in the personality that then was layered and layered with more shutdown and inflation.

Depression in New Zealand

With our emotions we either go into inflation, deflation or rigidity and the deflation is usually where there is depression.  Deflation and rigidity is anxious depression.  The enneagram types
tell us what pattern you are doing and how to move beyond it.  It is not about a quick fix with
a pill, it is getting to the root cause, the trauma that set it up an this is where the journey comes in.

I have worked with The Journey and the enneagram now for over 18 years, and 14 years in Shunyata on retreat,  every winter travelling and doing more extensive work and offering talks on this work and doterra pure essential oils. I have been amazed ,if the person is willing and so sick of the shutdown, that there is hope, ther eis a way to move beyond that fear of showing up in the world. There is a place out of the numbness and the darkness and a place that will set you free to be your amazing self.A place that is alive, scintillating and open. It is your birthright and with the awakening that is happening on the planet right now, it is a place that is happening more and more. It might take more than 1 journey to get there for some people, but sometimes all it takes is the willingness, the right timing and the feeling of despair that this cannot continue.  At Shunyata you get the one on one attention as we are all unique and have different patterns of avoidance. and strategies of not showing up and being shutdown so we can get to the core of your unique one. If we learn to feel our emotions organically without a story, then we are free.

Depression - The Journey Method New Zealand

There is hope, there is light and I would recommend you read this book Light in the Heart of Darkness Kevin Billet is out and free as an ebook right now on Amazon

Get your copy free for a limited time.

Depression and Essential Oils New Zealand

Paru also uses doterra pure essential oils that have such a high frequency to assist feeling thos emotions

The oil of forgive touch is very powerful for forgiving both self and others
The oil of Elevation to bring you out of the downs and lift you to bliss
The oil of Balance to keep the emotions in balance
The oil of Breathe or Easy Air to truly open up to those hurts
The oil of Console Touch to help feel that grief that has shut you down
Lifelong Vitality - the beyond vitamins - doterra's top selling product or you get your money back

These oils can be bought on my website  the wonderful wholesale price of 25% discount  or email on how I can help you

I simply love helping people move beyond depression and be free to live their true selves and then continue this, with an amazing technique that is beyond meditation.So if this calls you to come home to your true essence, your being and your true self to live a life of magic, abundance and pure unconditional love and aliveness, or if you know of someone that could
really benefit email me

How to Continue this Work

Come to Shunyata for a day,  3  or5 days.on retreat in a gorgeous ocean view property, doing the work one on one with yoga, meditation, gorgeous healthy food and love and compassion
either on your own or as a couple.  or email

Also  I am so excited that  Brandon is a returning to Auckland 25-27 January 2019 Kevin and myself will be having a talk on depression around this time  and your discount voucher is below. for the journey weekend.

May all beings be free and happy

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