Depression, Anxiety & Trauma from Christchurch Earthquake - 19th Feb 2013

Depression, Anxiety & Trauma from Christchurch Earthquake


The Trauma from the NZ quake has been stored  in the cells of people and after having
dealt with the financial blow and the survival of where to live - this is now showing in
their health.

Do you feel like you are pushing uphill all the time?
Do you feel distant  in your relationships with your loved ones?
Have you put on extra kilos that you can't shift?
Are your energy  levels low?
Do you have fears and phobias that you never had before?

Another deep effect of the quakes is depression.  Everything that hadn't been met has come to the
fore.  The Journey is one of the best tools for depression - so book the Ultimate Bliss and say
goodbye to this heaviness.
Well the good news is  it's not too late.  Come and do a liver detox to clear out all the buildup and deal with the emotional trauma with The Journey on a cellular level.  Clear fears and
phobias with NLP, get your energy back with yoga and go inside with meditation and just be nurtured and brought back to start over for 2013

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