Day Spa - Christchurch - 1st Dec 2016

 Day Spa - Christchurch

Unique Day Spa Near Christchurch

If you think of a spa - what comes to mind?

Shunyata has taken the word spa and made it into wellness and wholeness.  Okay we can't
say it's 5 star, but the views, the food and the treatments truly are and the energy and the sublime smell of doterra pure essential oils will take you to heaven.

Paru is always travelling picking up the best ideas for her retreat and day spa..Recently at a conference in Montreat - she heard about the benefits of Rosemary for memory, alzeimers and dementia from a chinese medicine practitioner and how this was used in old peoples homes  in USA to help our elderly.

What is the best treatment for hayfever - well we have the pure oils of peppermint, lemon
and lavender but what about shirodhara - the amazing ayurvedic technique she has had incredible results for years.


Maybe you have body pain and have tried everything to shift it - in comes craniosacral used with the deep blue oil on the reflexology points and longstanding pain lifts amazingly.  Her success with so many problems combining doterra and the body work is blowing her away.

Maybe you are totally stressed and need to relax deeper than you have ever relaxed -Aromatouch doterra essential oil massage with craniosacral will take you to a place you have never been before in relaxation.

There is an oil for that - whatever you have - we can address it naturally along with the beautiful natural products used at Shunyata.

Spa Christchurch

Have you tried the ozone sauna, looking out over the bay, ozone and oxygen is poured into your cells as you steam - they used it for HIV and AIDS in USA and is amazing for immune boosting.

Ayurveda treatments, reflexology, many massage techniques including Aromatouch,  cranio-sacral balancing, body scrubs, cellulite and weight loss wraps, gorgeous facials, and of course if you come on retreat - there is yoga overlooking the deck and meditation.

Then there's the food - sugar free and delicious chocolate treats that are all pure and good for you, gorgeous healthy and delicious salads and low carb and gluten free, paleo, you name it,
we can provide.

So looking forward to meeting you off the ferry from Lytellton for a day you will truly remember

call now to book your place this xmas break 03 3294773 or email

Paru Clarke runs Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa  www.


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