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Depression, Wall around the Heart, Shutdown, Disconnected, Lost

Do these words sound familiar?The statistics say one in 6 people will suffer depression at some time in their life.93% of people have a wall around their heart and why would we want to keep it there when our heart is the core of our being, the centre of our soul and the seat of all our creativity.Do you truly want to be free of this heaviness – there is a way out and it will take a bit of courage from your part and the rest is taken care of.  Covid has increased depression symptoms in so many people and they are searching for something else like mindfulness 
and healing.

What is Depression

It is not heriditary and not a mental illness.  It is a series of unhealthy patterns to avoid strong
emotions.  Sometime in the past a decision was made not to feel, to either strategise, run from,push down numb out, pull back to avoid the natural flow of emotion in life.

Have you ever asked why is this wall here and what is it truly?It has appeared when somehow our soul has been assaulted in some way and what it is is layers and layers of trapped emotions. Releasing this heart wall is the best gift you can give yourself in this lifetime. The physical effects of having a heart wall are often pain the neck, discomfort and tightness in the shoulders and chest pain. Emotionally it has kept you in depression, isolation and numbness and not being able to find love. If you release this heart wall, your creativity will be unlocked your abundance will flow and you will have back your lifeforce as it takes so much energy to keep it in place. Many people explain it like –“ I've got my mojo back.”
When you open to your true self, your soul & your essence, food tastes better, life and nature smile back at you and you feel uncontrollable gratefulness and joy. You cannot put a price on this openess – it is sublime.#thejourneymethod

Traditionally, the causes of depression are reckoned to be difficult life circumstances like what we are going through now.. But, harsh though our life traumas may be, they are simply catalysts, triggers of depression, and not the real cause. The root causes lie deeper. It’s time to feel whatever comes up, no matter what. It’s time to respond to life in an emotionally truthful way and stop shutting down your body.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Rumi

Paru, the owner of Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa knows all too well of her own heart wall.and the depressed state she was in for 10 years.
Her wall went up when she lost custody of her child and lost all her life savings 20 years ago but was fortunate enough to live in Byron Bay – the mecca of self development and spirituality and had 2 amazing teachers who changed her life and helped her open again to her true self. One being Brandon Bays with TheJourney and the other David Deida with openness. “ We often need a dark night of the soul to truly wake up.” But if she knew what she knows now after working with people's heart walls for 10 years, she wouldn't need to have shut off and isolated herself in deep suffering.

Having just attended a consciousness and sexuality conference – the theme was based on the relationship with self. She noticed a little closure once again and on completing the conference noticed how amazing it felt to go out and open the people in the restaurant. Even when we get into a spiritual journey and path – the more awareness we have we can easily slip back into that shutdown and separation. But opening after a long time shut down, needs trust and safety,buckets of self love and self care and gentleness. It took me 2 years to finally do David Deida's workshop as I was scared of shutting down. He often quotes that when the pain becomes too intense to remain closed then we open. Being disconnected, shut down is incredibly painful and being open is so so sublime. Paru believes a lot of heart attacks can be caused from shut down closed hearts.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
― Rumi

When we live with an open heart the world opens up with us. When we live with an open heart we are magnetic attracting people into our lives who are love the beauty of openess, who love the sparkle in our eyes. Openness is sexy. People are drawn to this. Hearts are where true happiness is. Physical, spiritual heart is our true self. Our essence is joy, love for others and the nice feelings that come from an open hear

The Journey is really for anyone who wants to get to the root cause of depression.
To address these deep seated patterns that see some sort of emotional pattern driving the behavior to the surface “requires a lot of courage,”

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