Best Therapy Ever for Sexual Assault in New Zealand - 27th Feb 2021

Best Therapy Ever for Sexual Assault in New Zealand


The papers are full again this weekend of the amount of  sexual assault  that is prevalent in NewZealand and working with people for over 17 years now I thought it was time to truly speak up.Over the past 3 years the commission has estimated as many as a quarter of a million children were likely to be abused between 1950 and 1999.  These statistics are mindblowing
for a so called amazing country like New Zealand.  Rape or sexual assault is one of the key social problems undermining the health and wellbeing of our population today.  It has a wide prevalence and can have a high impact.

  • 1 out of 3 girls may be sexually assaulted before she turns 16 years old. Most of this abuse (90%) will be done by someone she knows and 70% will involve genital contact. For maori women the statistics might be up to twice this.

  • 1 in 7 boys may be sexually assaulted by adulthood.

    New Zealand is  placed the country third highest, alongside Australia. for sexual abuse and only approx 9% is reported.  What does that mean for people trying to heal?

I was away from New Zealand for 27 years and after helping people in Byron Bay decided
to come home and do this work in my own country.  NZ is very english, stiff upper lip, and
do not talk about it,and I have seen again and again people I have worked with, not believed
so they bury it down and it is never dealt with.  The guilt and the ashamed feelings they carry in their cells.  Bene Brown talks about shame in depth and it is the lowest calibre of consciousness.

Sexual Assault  in New Zealand

I truly believe no matter how long people are in counselling, this can never be dealt with
the mind, which is full of fear doubt and judgement.  I have seen numerous clients finally put it to bed when they have experienced the  cellular healing in the journeymethod,  the forgiveness and the craniosacral balancing (somational release) then this is moved out of the cells.  Recently have had a few men also with great results - finally the story is finished. Weight drops off them and body illnesses are finally dealt with

An End to Rape for good

You can continue in the courts and this will help but truly the healing lies in dealing with
it from the body and soul.  In the 17 years I have been operating Shunyata, I would say
there has been at least 20-30 people finally finished with this abuse and gone on to live
healthy wellbeing.  This purity, this innocence is your birthright and it's time to take it back.


 Caroline Myss recently said in her video on “Why Some People Don't Heal.Iif we keep the story open, we become the story", in survivors of rape.

Do you want to open your heart and love again in a healthy way?
Do you truly want to put to bed what happened to you and start over, second chance, new beginnings?
Do you want final  true freedom in your life, in your body, heart and soul?
Do you want to put this abuse to bed for good?

Claim back your purity & innocence guaranteed on a cellular level.

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