Best Doterra Specials on Offer in August 2017 - 19th Jul 2017

Best Doterra Specials on Offer in August 2017

How Doterra Can Make your Life Easy

I can't contain my excitement for this great special............
It is over 2 years ago that I discovered these amazing gifts of the earth - doterra and every
day I ask myself, how did I get through life without them.  If I have a stomach upset, little
sign of flu coming on, headache or sore shoulders or back,not to mention monthly emotional upsets - there is a natural based plant medicine to deal with it really quickly - 50-70times more powerful than herbs and super fast acting.

I watch day after day people addicted to drugs, my mother had a stroke at 50 and I am 60 this
year and full of health.  Antibiotics are losing their power and causing candida and people are stressed and not coping.  You need help in your own home and these oils do this.  Don't you want to be empowered to take care of your own health.  It is my why for doterra - to help people empower themselves to take care  of themselves and their family naturally and for people who know me - I am deeply into integrity.

Doterra has taken essential oils to a whole new paradym that you never could imagine.
Their oils are so pure, you can injest them, put them in a difuser or smell them and they hit the limbic system fast.

Well this month and the month of August they have come out with an amazing special that I 
have to tell you about.  You can get these products at wholesale prices 25% off - and if
you buy 100 points worth (approx $170) this month or aug and sep you get their free
beyond vitamins.  Their lifelong vitality pack is their top selling product as one man left
USANA in Australia and came to doterra when he knew what was in them.
(go to bottom of page and hit more information what is in them).

Well what can you buy for 100 points - my most favourite is the emotional oil roller bottles
that last forever and deal with anything that comes up, 
sadness and grief    CONSOLE
forgiveness for self & others    FORGIVE
get up and go   MOTIVATE
hit your creative button  PASSION
have some peace    PEACE
be happy happy happy   CHEER

5 top essential oils
Their ice blue rub gets rid of all the knots in your muscles, deals with sports injuries and arthritisamazingly.
Balance to keep your emotions in check
Peppermint for energy, hot flushes, headaches and stomach upsets
Wild Orange - my fav for cooking and childlike innocence and abundance
Serenity for anxiety and perfectionism
Lavender, roman chamomile, cedarwood, serenity and vertiver for good sleep
Easy Air or breathe for conjestion of chest and asthma
On Guard - for seasonal threats and builind up immune and keeping out energy zappers
Frankincense - well where can I begin but immune boosting first
Basil for exhaustion and adrenal burnout
their toothpaste even dentists are amazed
I will know what will suit you so please call me and tell me whats going on.
If you buy a pack (you save money and then you don't pay a membership)
........l. could talk forever. so please please contact me so I can help you make your life so much easier -

Best idea is do the healthy home survey

But once you get these vitamins you will be down on your knees thanking me and you might only need 1/2 the dosage - 2 per day so they will last 2 mths or more.

and see what else you need and of course I can help
by text 0272 777734 or email

So look forward to you trying these amazing beyond therapeutic essential oils and 
having them to empower your family and your home to take charge of your health naturally.

So so looking forward to you trying these beyond vitamins and having lots of energy and
getting your health in top shape.

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