Awakening to the Truth of your Being - Coming Home - 6th Sep 2018

Awakening to the Truth of your Being - Coming Home



Who are you truly? Beyond your beliefs, your conditioning, your ego and your

mind. Who are you in essence, in being, in connection, in truth?Have you ever had a
yearning in your heart for true peace, happiness,causeless joy, lifeforce, pure
unconditonal love- then you have come to the right place, and it has never been a better time on this planet right now and it is truly simple. It’s what most people truly want beyond all the little wants when they come to Shunyata.

Spiritual Retreat New Zealand

There is so many people on this planet awakening right now to the truth of their being. It is truly simple, it just takes a deep longing inside, a timing where you are so sick of your own suffering or a wake up call of some sort in the form of an illness or emotional trauma.

Shunyata was formed 13 years ago from my own wake up call in Byron Bay, when I lost custody of my child. Who would have known that today, not only have I found this place inside of myself, but after this winter trip overseas, am living it more and more from the heart and am excited to share the ease of it all.  If feel so blessed to be able to travel every winter and meet the world's best masters and workshops and retreats on healing. The journey work always took people to this place inside of themselves, but my prayer 2 years ago was to deepen it and live in it and this year my prayer has come to fruition.  You can only share from your own experience.

This place could be called stillness, silence, being, limitless, heart, unconditional love,boundless freedom, trust, innocence, humility, grace, soul, oneness, gratefulness or god and if you have been on a search or freedom, then you would be familiar with these words. Also at this place is magic,connection,  abundance and pure causeless joy and don't you want more of this n 
your life?

The Journey Brandon Bays  New Zealand

To get there we have to let go of the mind, the ego patterns of suffering and allow our longing from the heart and the help of grace to be that. For the continued connection, The Invitation will help.This place has always been here, we just haven’t been connected. So when we connect we can truly live in effortless non doing, magic and freedom and love itself.

The Invitation - Mooji NZ

If your heart is calling for truth of your being, peace, pure love and freedom then the time is now. Email to book your place this spring or summer at Shunyata where you will be guided gently home to the truth of your being. We will take you to who you are not with the enneagram, (ego patterns of suffering) and bringyou home with The Journey and The Invitation.

So either a 3 day or 5 day detox retreat or couples counselling, where you do the work
individually then come together from this place.

Space available from October 2018



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