Addiction in New Zealand - Getting to true cause - 16th Nov 2018

Addiction in New Zealand - Getting to true cause

Unmet Childhood Trauma & Emotions

When it comes to cause of physical and mental health problems, most experts agree that unresolved emotional issues play a significant – if not primary – role in the vast majority of cases.  In order for healing to occur fully at the cellular level, the underlying emotional issue needs to be addressed and resolved.  Journey therapy – with the enneagram, used at Shunyata Retreat can truly get to the core.It’s not the addiction – it’s the person and usually trauma from childhood or unmet sadness, grief or anger. Shunyata has been working with addiction, depression, sexual abuse and anxiety for over 13 years now and Paru feels when people have tried everything else – then this truly works. Combining The Journey, The Enneagram (patterns of unconcious behaviour), Ayurveda (the most ancient form of body balance and healing, Doterra pure  high vibrancy essential oils – we can get to the core of why it is in place.

What is the Journeymethod?

Essentially, journey therapy consists of a gentle, guided introspective process that enables you to uncover and access painful emotions and memories – ones that have been trapped and stored in in the cells of your body over the years.  These unresolved emotions came about in response to trauma and other painful experiences in your life.

Once accessed, you and your therapist will work together to identify and understand how the current problems you’re experiencing, such as troubling behaviors and other issues, are connected to these memories and the painful emotions associated with them.   The purpose of journey therapy is to enable you to finally release these emotions.  This emotional liberation is what facilitates healing and allows you to experience positive changes in all areas of your life.The goal of journey therapy is to help you find peace and clarity, and to open you up to your “source” – the essence of who you are.  It enables you to break free from the limitations that have been holding you back.   Journey work makes it possible for you to move towards reaching your full potential in life – the potential that had previously been hindered by emotional blocks. Paru also works very closely with the enneagram which gets individually to the core of each persons patterns of behaviour, unique to them, that stops them living their potential and caused the  core of their suffering and then sets you up with The Invitation Home to your essence to keep up the truth of your soul..

Addiction & Essential Oils in New Zealand

Doterra pure therapeutic oils are also amazing for addictions and used together with therapies at Shunyata. Paru will check out what’s going on emotionally and also advise the right oils for the right addiction. Maybe it’s the fuzzy feel with eucalyptus, or the anxiety with lavender peace, or grapefruit in the water, or energy with peppermint – there is an oil to help you.

So if you are sick of rock bottom, full of despair and truly want to do the work, or know of anyone who truly is there, then Shunyata is the place to be. You will need to do the detox first and then you will be loved back to wholeness with great food, yoga, the purest of high vibrational essential oils, meditation, gorgeous views and peace for the soul. You will notice that the prices are very competitive ,if not cheaper than anything like it in Australasia.

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