A True Breakthrough or Soul Convergence- Womens Awakening - 25th Aug 2016

How many of us are living our true soul's calling?

When you enter this journey life just gets better and better

I have just finished an amazing soul convergence in Portland Oregon clearing out blocks that
are restricting us to show up as the most pure version of ourselves - beyond ego, beyond mind and beyond personality so we can fulfill our souls mission or life purpose on this planet.

As we evolve we need inspiration to take us deeper and this man, Matt Kahn , truly lived up
to this with me.  He held us in source which is that space of emptyness of the mind, that space
called source, that space of essence or our true selves that nothing matters where we have a break from ourselves.  This place which is more heart centred has more truth, more love and more relaxation and is more accessible to me now.  In this place healing and manifestation happens easily.

When we feel safe our nervous system unravels and we relax more into this place inside of ourselves beyond ego.  Ego is our defence mechanism to survive in the world but we want to move beyond survival.    I realised why I loved to chant, this disolves the ego and opens the heart and will be doing more of this at Shunyata.

I learnt that experiences and desires  will never truly fulfill us, we will just move on to the next one.
He really took the micky out of the false spiritual which I loved and how important life is to really teach you what you need and evolve your life purpose.

There was a lot of reclaiming our power which really applys to a lot of us.  We play small and 
the difference between confidence and arrogance.    How the courage to live life on the edge
keeps us alive and many of us are half in and half out of life and relationship.

How we use distractions and excuses for not showing up in life and how checking facebook, emails etc diminishes our pure self.  How fear blocks us
What am I afraid to lose, to face or to gain?

How life brings us so much irony.  How we need to meet people, our lovers, our friends as if
we are just meeting them for the first time, to stop holding people in a box of how you remembered them- we are all evolving at a rapid pace.

I know that ego and the enneagram pinpoints the blocks of different people but understanding other  versions of ego being
spiritual ego
shadow (dark side or sabateur)
masks from parents and ancestors

A reminder that life is mapped out for us - we just need to go for the ride which I had read in
"From Onions to Pearls".
and how we just need to move forward and stop over analysing and self obsessing like so
many of us do on this spiritual journey.

The true gift from this man is the title of his book
"Whatever arises, love that"  Matt Kahn
and there are layers and layers of self love to uncover and to help in our healing we have to give
ourselves a break and truly love ourselves back to wholeness.

I feel so honoured and blessed to have been part of this soul covergence in Portland Oregon and as we all upgraded our consciousness we can now touch others in this amazing journey of awakening and uncovering the pure beingness of ourselves.
"Om shanti  shanti he
I am happy I am free"

May all beings find this state of causeless joy and happiness and I feel honoured to help you
discover this.  Please come to Shunyata this spring/ summer in a gorgeous ocean view peaceful sancturary and celebrate your uniqueness and true gift to the world of your beingness .  The ocean heals my soul and I'm sure it will heal yours
email info@journeyessence.com

Also to see more of what happens in breakthrough watch

"I am not your Guru"  Tony Robbins on netflix

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