On Holiday - Need for doterra essential oils - 1st Feb 2016

On Holiday  - Need for doterra essential oils

Best Essential Oils in New Zealand

Just returned from a gorgeous week up north and was so so happy to have taken my oils with me.

To start the journey driving 7hours north I put some peppermint in my drinking water and balance
on my feet to keep my emotions in bay. Peppermint can be cooling for anger and when it is very hot. Also deep blue rub to cool you down I cannot stress enough how amazing balance has been
to keep me grounded and emotions at bay (being a very high and low person). This oil is amazing.


On the way up there our fellow passenger had adult chickenpox so I dosed her up with On Guard
to build her immune and put some lavender on her skin. Go to the our latest facebook page
xfactor essential oils for wellness and if you have not asked to be joined let me know.
This will tell you the breakdown of this amazing blend and what it does for our immune. My
immune was always low and now with frankincense on the roof of the mouth every day my
immune rocks. Won't be picking up those viruses going around. What can we say about lavender – well stops itches, helps all skin issues and the amazing oil for relax and sleep.

On arrival in Nelson after the festival and with all the noise – Serenity helped me go off to a lovely

On Saturday at the festival a little boy had a fall and hurt his back so amazing I had brought the
deep blue rub so rubbed this in with the deep blue oil and in 10 mins he was up and running around.

Off to Abel Tasman and one of the children couldn't sleep so helped her with serenity and lavender.
Another little girl started to get scared after a movie and the beautiful console emotional oil calmed
her and lavender helped her sleep.

On the way back on the west coast was always getting eaten alive with sandflies so put on terrashield and was amazed that I wasn't hardly bitten.

On the return I couldn't understand what had happened with my knee when I got up for my walk (real pain deep into the bone) and so rubbed in the deep blue and gone then a friend was going through painful arthritis in the ankle so left him some deep blue.

It's been a year now and how did I ever survive without my oils. Life happens and we never
know what it is going to bring – so such a relief to know there is an oil for everything and this
is just the physical side. The emotional healing and balance of emotions that I feel are beyond

I simply love love love these oils and hopefully you can try them too

email info@journeyessence.com to find out how you can get them or tel 03 3294773

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