Stress and Happiness - 6th Oct 2015

Stress and Happiness

  "Why am I not Happy?" Why I should come on Retreat and find who I truly Am.

There are many possible answers to your question: "Why am I not happy?", here are some of the most common ones:
1) You are not living the life that you would really like to live. You are running away from who you really are. You are living in your lower self not your higher self.As soon as you have to sit down and be quiet with yourself, you have to do something. Ever have that feeling?
2) You are doing rather than being. You have forgotten how to just be. Running round stressed and not taking time out for yourself.
3) You are not listening to your heart. You have shut yourself down from your true nature, from your heart. Most of us are living from the mind which is fear, doubt and judgement.?Does it seem selfish to take time out for yourself? To self care is the most important thing and society has said it is selfish.
4) You are trying to please everybody else, but yourself.You may not even realize it, but everybody else is more important than you. Are people telling you that?
5) You don't believe in yourself. You may think you are a failure and you always have a negative self talk going on. You may even be a perfectionist (without even knowing it). You are just never good enough for yourself and the other people just know so much more than you. How can you be happy when you are never good enough?
6) You are blaming yourself for something.
7) You are blaming somebody else for something.
8) You have a hidden, deep down anger about something, somebody. 
All of these things cause stress in our bodies and there is then work stress, money stress, toxic stress and how can our bodies truly function.
So How Do I Get Happy, You May Ask?
First, you have to be able to quiet yourself down, be completely honest with yourself to actually find the exact answer for yourself. You already know. The answer is inside you. Can you quiet yourself down enough to hear it?
The other part of the answer is quite straightforward. Just be with yourself. Be with your pain, be with your anger -- cry, yell, write, run, whatever you need to do, but please let go off old emotions, old anger, old blame, anything old. Also let go off imperfections. Start to live a new life. Every day is a wonderful opportunity to start a new. Nobody has ever told us how to be with our emotions, they are screaming to be heard.

You may as well start liking yourself, you wake up with yourself every day. You can change jobs, friends, partners, cities, towns, etc, but not yourself, sorry.
I believe the most important love affair of your life should be one with yourself.
Love yourself, appreciate yourself, be grateful for everything that you have. Focus on what is good and working in your life and not on what isn't.
Daily Practices

Be grateful.
Practice yoga or your chosen exercise
Be kind to Yourself.
Spend some time with children (to remind us of our innocence)
Follow your 3 passions in life and get balance

If you need help with getting back on track – this moment is all there is

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