Mums and Bubs - the ultimate Retreat - 15th Feb 2013

Recently a mum came with a major issue she had been wanting to deal with.
She had been to doctors, naturopaths and numerous care specialists trying to get
to the bottom of her issue and someone suggested it might be emotionally related.

So she came across some ideas but nothing suited her timing or that she could take
her 4 month old baby.  She called Shunyata and of course the baby was welcome and
not only did we clear her issue and give her a holiday and break from the grind but
bubs had collic and cranio-sacral balancing  really helped insettling he collic.

So are you finding it hard to cope?   I called it like a new career - things are challenging.
Maybe it's time for time out to investigate how well you are truly doing and get perspective.
The earthquakes have been challenging for many people, so give it to yourself.

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