Wake up and Make a Difference - 6th Sep 2015

Wake up and Make a Difference


Today is father's day and because I have met the pain I felt from my father in childhood I can celebrate him and feel so grateful for his teaching.  He taught me success and I truly love him deeply even though I felt deep pain from his actions.  If anyone has seen the movie of Amy Whitehouse you will see her deepest wound was also abandonement from her father and if she had done the work on that wound she wouldn't have ended up a tragic drug addict and had such a tragic life and could have lived her truly amazing potential as a jazz singer and given back to the world.   Most addicts covering the deep wound. but  we are all sitting with that deep wound usually from childhood and you can be set free and have a second chance to start over with The Journey


Don't you want to live your highest potential in this life?
Are you sick of doing the same old same old and getting the same results?
Do you know that you have help to get rid of these repetitive patterns from childhood?

You can chose – stay living in your shadow, your lower or egoic self or come home to
your deepest potential. Many people who start a search or a spiritual journey might dabble in
yoga and mindfulness but never really jump off the cafe on the edge beyond their fears into a love that is beyond romantic love, a love that brings true peace, a love that is not dependent on
anything on the outside.

Sometimes we are truly lucky and get a wake up call. But really we have to be sick of living
in mediocrity. Yes I feel for the Syrian refugees and feel that as a one nation we should all do
our bit and living in a country like New Zealand we can take them and give them a chance.
But reading the sunday paper this morning – more alarming to me is the number of children in our country still being born to addicts, still being beaten by parents following the childhood that they had and using violence with innocent little beings. The journey work I do works with childhood traumas and I know all too well the damage done to my inner child growing up in an alcoholic household but luckily I had a wake up call to clear it out and start helping other people. Are you just going to stand back and continue living a life in mediocrity? I feel on fire with passion for us all to do something to clear out our shit and get on and make a difference. Yes I do it with love and who is to say that love can't have the energy of kali and the energy of impatience. We live in paradise and yet people are at war in their heads. Do they know that the mind is full of fear, doubt and suffering and yet 90% of us live from that place. Do people realise that 90% of the lies we tell are what we tell to ourselves owing to a life of illusion and denial. This is all the lower egoic self and we all have this ego and some of it can be healthy to survive but have you ever questioned your flavour of it and how it is affecting the people around you. It is an automatic pilot running you and causing you deep suffering and you deny also that you suffer.

Bene Brown has hit the spotlight in America for uncovering how much of us are living in shame. What about abandonment, guilt, repressed anger, la la land and all that is not real. How is that
affecting our children? We are passing on what we learnt unless we bring awareness to it what is
not our true selves and what is. Imagine if we were all living from our purpose, our true selves,
we would be serving humanity. We wouldn't feel alone and separate, we would know our life purpose and we would step up and make sure New Zealand take more refugees if we have our own back yards cleaned up.

How much longer are we going to live in the grit and not uncover the pearl of our hearts and souls and make a difference in this world. I always loved The Invitation but know that the gift of my ego is to dynamically deliver hopefully inspiration and can't hold back. At the Oneness university last year where 2 million people have awakened – Bhagavan wants us all to form our higher powers and have this amazing connection. Mine is called
sweet (for softness),
laxmi (for an abundance that is beyond money)
divine (for the feminine form of god)

What would yours be called? What is your pearl and how are you going to live it?

I have had at least 5 people I know in my field of my age just die in their sleep of late – tomorrow
might be too late for you to go to your death and made a difference.

Come come come to the edge – come to the edge – he pushed she flew!

It's time to be the best you can possibly be and touch that higher self inside of you. You are held,
you are loved, loving and lovable and when we touch this place the world benefits. Jump beyond your doubting mind, your fears and fall into a love that you will never forget.

If you  want to jump call Paru 03 3294773 or email info@journeyessence.com

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