Why Relationships fail - 21st Aug 2015

Why Relationships fail In each human being there is a meeting with the divine, that intersection is the heart!

Most people go into a relationship blind.  They know that physical attraction won't last but they still go there.  They have made  so many mistakes in the past but they don't want to learn from them and change.

You need to have true compatibility with each other's true nature so you need to know who you truly are and who you are not (ego patterns). You need to have similar values and each be able to cope with change.

How many people ask themselves these questions?

Why do you want a relationship?
What purpose is the relationship for you and are you ready?
Who and what do you want to serve in this relationship?

This means do you want to come and act an adult relationship or a fairy tale.  Do you want to
grow up because for sure you are going to face childhood wounds.  Are you ready to do this
together with love and respect and patience for each other?
How mature and vulnerable are you willing to be?

Many people do not do this at the beginning of a relationship and it why so many relationships fail.

1.  They expect their partner to meet all or a lot of their emotional needs.
2.  They expect their partner to be a certain way so they feel comfortable.
3.  They depend on them to read their emotional state.
4.  They don't really listen and act like a child when they are not getting their own way.
5.  Workaholism is ok as an excuse to not be present.

Does any of this sound familiar.

Relationship Counselling

When the honeymoon is over the work begins and this is when most people want to opt out.
90% of your inner child ,ego or unconcious mind  and beliefs are running the relationship.
No wonder things go wrong.

Do you want a spiritually centred relationship or an ego centred one?

Wants and needs are different for men and women.  Women put their needs last and don't ask for affection etc and then get pissed when they don't get it.  The relationship is the most important for us.  Men put sex, money, sport and fast cars first and if they are not on purpose in life they are lost.  They need to find their purpose.

 When a couple have come to complacency and a type of giving up and shut down has happened,  but they both still love each other.  There is a second chance and there are many practices you can do to bring back this openness, connection, communication and truth and realness back to a dead relationship.

Paru at Shunyata retreat specialises in rekindling a more spiritual truthful love.  

Don't give up on your relationship or your future relationship dreams.  Come and find out the
true meaning of intimacy and how to get it back in your lives.

Come for 3 or 5 days.Shunyata Retreat and Day S ... t and relationship counselling  and celebrate why you first got together.

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