Happiness - the ever ending search for! - 16th Aug 2015

What is Happiness?

We were born as pristine innocent beings of light so perfect and then life happened and somehow through something we don't realise, but was a life changer, a decision was made that the world wasn't safe and we shut down. We then formed an ego (a protective shell) at an early age that was an automatic pilot of operating in this world that was a false self, that was a false protection but wasn't our true peal our true light and we got covered in grit. This grit is what causes us the unhappiness and the suffering of this life.

What is True Love? 

We then look on the outside for someone to fill this hole we feel through lovers, partners, family and relationships and then one day we realise this hole cannot be filled by anything or anyone  on the outside.  We have to go back and see what disconnected us from our light.

Could you imagine what it would be like to come back to a taste of that pearl.  A taste of your
light and innocence!  Well this is truly possible again.  We get a second chance in life.  This
second chance usually comes in the form of a wake up call, an illness, a knowing that this
unhappiness and suffering cannot continue.  This is when it's time to come to Shunyata and come home.

I have always believed to be whole again we need to reconnect to our inner child and refall in love with ourselves,  but recently having returned from a workshop in Greece called ZOE - eternal life - I have realised there are 4 parts of us that need to be balanced to really feel this wholeness.  Dark and light masculine, dark and light feminine and then we are truly whole and not chasing it on the outside.  Most relationships are not even aware of what they are seeking, the filling of another, until the honeymoon is over.  Then they might be required to do the soul work.

 Don't get me wrong - we can truly love from this place, not expecting the other to fill the holes that we have created, some part of ouselves  we are not embracing.  I now know truly what it means to have more light you truly need to meet the dark.  It's not so scary but truly liberating.
We can stay on the cafe on the edge or we can jump and I know I love my courage to truly jump.  I have trust in my higher self, my beloved sweet laxmi divine and when I feel scared,
I say "This grit too will pass, trust in love".

Women will always take the path of relationship to feel full and the man escapes to feel his emptyness.  If we balance all the 4 parts of ourself then no longer we need to depend on another.  We can truly love from this wholeness.  This is true love.  Don't you want this for yourself in this lifetime?  Don't you want to be living at your highest vibration.

Calling all gods and godesses, feel the compassion for each other, allow that longing of true love to bring you home.  Jump from the cafe of the edge and come back to your true selves.  You will glow in the fullness of your own being.  

I feel truly graced and honoured to be offering this incredible work at Shunyata and help beings come home to their true selves.  Please email me if you feel called to come and relax and jump at shunyata, either on your own or as a couple to deepen your love- info@journeyessence.com

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