Natural and Alternative Ways of Healing in New Zealand - 7th Jul 2015

Natural and Alternative Ways of Healing in New Zealand

Natural Ways of Healing NZ

Illness is often related to toxic thoughts and feelings.!
What is a spiritual path. It is the pursuit of truth, the breaking of illusions of the lower self. It is
truly listening to source, divine, the body and the soul beyond the mind which is full of fear doubt and judgement.

Why would you come to Shunyata Health & Healing Retreat? Maybe you trust there is something bigger than yourself to help with your healing. You might have given up on yourself and life, had an illness that has been disagnosed as terminal – what do you do. Some of us through unworthiness would give up, put our affairs in order and go to die. Others of us know that this illness is there to teach the soul – to be a wake up call and everything that comes to us is a gift from god.

You might not like this word god, cause your background was maybe catholic and you felt that
god was judgemental and it was never there for you or you may have carried a lot of guilt and
shame. No this is not the god I am talking about – it is one who only wants the best for you.

Caroline Myss says “Pride is one of the number 1 reasons for illness”. Wow this really rang home
after seeing many of the very proud ego types come with their recent illnesses. One had emphysema and just kept going till she could hardly breathe going down the stairs. Another couldn't feel pain and just continued doing, working and following the motions.

The enneagram that I work with – is an automatic pilot that runs us. This is our lower self and
usually causes us the most suffering. Mine was the martyr, victim and drama queen like my mother and watching her have a stroke at 50 from being a superwoman made we stop and think that this suffering for 20 years was not what I was going to go through. I decided to put health as a priority and started getting ready for menopause. Menopause is a time where whatever you haven't dealt with in your emotions, ego patterns and body will come up and hit you deeply. But if you can do the work and change your diet and up your exercise you can sail through it – as I just did.

We all need a spiritual coach – a person who is going to speak truth and not support your lower self. It has to be done with non judgement and love – gentleness and sometimes tough love depending on your ego patterns. Whem I had my wake up call by losing custody of my child – I was truly stuck, I was in deep suffering and no-one could help me – I had to work it out for myself. I was sabotaging my own higher self and waiting for someone to catch me. No one was tough love enough and I just kept doing it. I was also so shutdown from the pain in my heart – I desperately needed help but was pushing it away cause no-one stood up to me. What a journey and what a learning that time of my life has given me. I suffered for 10 years in Byron Bay, a paradise.

Alternative methods of healing in NZ

I opened Shunyata for this reason and after 10 years it just gets deeper. After the recent client
who had given up on himself with a brain tumour and was about to tell the kids and leave the family, I saw so many traits of my history and with deep prayer, his willingness and trust to
open and change – the love and the hope has come back, his relationship has healed and he is
on a path to healing. I now remember again why I opened and feel so truly humbled and grateful.
No-one can do this healing for you, you have to partake in your own healing journey, but you are
guided, held gently to clear what is stopping you living in your higer self and opening to this

The doTerra oils can assist greatly, frankincense in this instance was an ancient oil that works
with tumours and cancers and the emotional reading establishes what is in the subconscious.
We work on the patterns that have been running you and even recently at the oneness university
I learnt that from the time of conception to birth is also important. The body needs to be relaxed
so we can listen to the truth and the messages. Meditating and giving the mind a rest, cleansing
with the ozone sauna, gorgeous cranio-sacral balancing and many other modalities to get to the core. Neuro Linguistic Programming can work with anxiety attacks and of course the Journey takes you back to where it all started, this shut down.

We all get wake up calls in different forms. Could be a relationship break up – to teach us to leave romantic love and go deeper. An illness to see what the soul wants to reveal for you to learn.
A knock of some sort calling you home to your true self. When you grow you feel empowered and
enthusiastic. When you open after a shutdown and bitterness surrounding the heart by coming to a forgiveness process you have hope again.

You are free to chose what path of healing you want to take. Maybe you want to go down the traditional route – you will be supported in that. But if you want to look at some other healthy natural ways of dealing with illness – then Shunyata has it covered. It's different for everyone.
Alkaline your diet, find alternative recipes to eliminate refind sugars, an eating programme that will most benefit you. But most important to learn to treat this body as a temple so it can heal.
When you empower yourself to take charge of your healing journey you feel so much better and
that in itself can aid healing. It's not just about the physical – the emotional component is so important.

Shunyata is here to help you go inside and find out why this wake up call came and what you
can learn from it. It will help you discover your higher self and reconnect with the love inside.
We use ayurveda detoxing, emotional healing with The Journey and the enneagram. Doterra pure essential oils and zyto emotional readings, an ozone sauna to oxygenate the cells, advice on diet that would suit your constitution and illness and yoga and meditation to go inside.

Why would you trust and open your heart and soul to Paru. I feel that my journey has been from
experience. I would call myself a spiritual coach. I know the pain of suffering both emotionally and recently physically when I asked for an illness to help me have compassion for people with physical illness because I had never been through this. I have dedicated my life to waking up and spend every spare cent on my journey, to enable me to let go and be there for you.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi

I recently have attended the oneness university for awakening and in this journey have developed an even faster and deeper connection with my higher power. What happens here at Shunyata is we are helped – this divine energy steps in – it is like a miracle and with this people can truly heal. My deepest prayer is that people connect to their higher selves, the pain and suffering that people are going through changes and we are all living a pure, joyful, passionate life on purpose and with awareness. No matter what you are going through at this time – there is hope, there is light and if you are willing to take part in this journey – you will never look back. May all beings be free and happy. I feel so grateful to be able to show you your god like self and look forward to meeting you – I can be contacted @ or text 0272 777734 and back in September 2015 for the spring.
love and light always

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