Counselling That Works - 29th Jan 2013

Counselling That Works

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Recently on the radio they said Men want to be admired and women want love!
Is this really true.  Well I will have to agree with this strong statement whatever it brings up
with you, but I will go on further to add that a woman truly needs to be devotional when her man is on  and in integrity and truly being a great man, and when he is off,  she is to show him through the body as woman can sense when her man is off before she does.

Men are generally full of fear and this has been installed into them as a child  to be brave and strong and so they are in denial of this fear and women sit in illusion of a man coming to save her.  When the honeymoon is over in a relationship all the patterns from childhood and ego patterns emerge and this causes distance.  Cover up happens and when a woman stops trusting her man, she shuts her heart down and then he has nowhere to go.
For a woman she needs to be able to trust her man's integrity for her to truly open in love and offer him her heart.  She needs him to be truthful and not in denial. 

At Shunyata maybe the love is still there between a couple but owing to a break down of their ego's they disconnect.  Somehow owning your own part without blaming the other
the love reconnects in trust and deepness.

Valentines Day

Give your relationship or someone you know this gift-
It has never been a better time to rekindle the love that  brought you together

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