Summer 2015 Newsletter - 10th Feb 2015

Summer 2015 Newsletter

 Summer in Diamond Harbour is sublime

Wow what a summer.  We have been swimming in camp bay, listening to music at Godley
House on a Sunday, jumping into the ocean down at the wharf, catching the dolphins on the way back from a latin jamming session at Freemans on a Sunday evening as well as doing deep therapy for couples and singles. It has never been a better time to come and get your mojo back on track. Want to get your relationship into the next stage of a deep love?

On a recent trip to Nelson I have been very impressed with the depth of the clearing and amazing accuracy of the subconscious in DOTERRA OILS - so Shunyata has taken them on board to use here.  Yes, we have all the oils and received a massage with them the other day and wow - what a massage. I have used lavender for years on my pillow to sleep but this one knocks you out for the whole night. For everyone who knows my candida story after doing a reading - I needed wild orange which was about abundance and child like playfulness. Well, the symptoms disappeared and I played and came back booked out in February. Another colleague from the journey  had already approached about these oils and some other friends in Byron Bay and now I
know how deep they work on the subconscious. So, am studying aroma touch in Australia at the end of the month and will be doing readings here along with using them on each individual client.
Unfortunately, this means that in April prices will have to increase for only the 3rd time in 10 years. Anyone thinking of coming to Shunyata to play with us in March will avoid this increase.
Bookings available from 11 March.  Call Paru now 03 3294773 or email

The most amazing and inspiring conference on addiction has been my deep love  of late and 
after reading the much publicised and talked about book Chasing the Scream which highlights the true reason why some people become addicted and other don't - I now know with the work that is happening here is on target for an addict who has been clean and wants to evolve.  Ayurveda and yoga features highly in the world to help people come back to their centre, along with clearing trauma from childhood and helping people connect where they often feel alone.  This book highlights the disconnection people feel and often the cause of addiction being the trauma in childhood.  When you are on purpose and serving the higher humanity your life feels worthwhile.

Where is everyone at for 2015?  Resolutions don't usually work, but being on purpose does.
Have you looked at your health, wellbeing and relationships lately? For health the sugar addiction is the new talk out there and Shunyata is forever collecting new recipes where you can cook,bake and eat sugar free.  In the addiction conference the main addictions mentioned these days are
of course alcohol and drugs, food,  people (sex addiction and co-dependency), money and gambling and the new one being technology. Nearly all of us can be guilty of one of these.

Raw Peppermint Slice
Put walnuts, almonds and cashews or brazil nuts for selenium dates, raisons and cranberries with little coconut oil in food processor and press down into dish and put in freezer
Add layer of peppermint with coconut oil being 6 drops of peppermint 1/2 cup coc oil, 2 tablespoons on agarve and maple syrup 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and beat thorougly
(put back in freezer to set)
Then do same layer without peppermint but add in raw cacao powder for choc topping
dress with nuts on top and put back in the freezer. This is good for at least a month.

Many clients are now joining the oneness chambers on their retreat and getting so much from this connection and learning to ask for help from a higher power. I try and offer this for most retreats if it fits in with the timing. Day spas are relaxing and fun and you can get together a group of girls and come and frolic amongst beautiful views, peaceful birdsong, amazing massages with best essential oils on the planet and of course ozone saunas and delicious healthy but decadent food.

I am heading off to the Sexuality & Consciousness Conference in Byron at the end of the month for new inspiration and tips. So in March I will be on fire. I hope to see you here soon or anyone you know that could do with a makeover for 2015, spread the word and just get people to check out trip advisor if they are scared.  It's time to move out of mediocrity and live our true purpose in life.  

Love to all and happy summer

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