Doterra Aromatherapy Oils Coming to Shunyata - 2nd Feb 2015

Doterra Aromatherapy Oils Coming to Shunyata Are you drawn to smells?
Do you realise the significance of theraputic oils on a deep vibrational level?

Top selling aromatherapy  blends in the world with Doterra oils which shift physical and emotional blocks will arrive at Shunyata this month.
Paru is so excited to share these oils and has already had amazing breakthroughs on her
recent visit to Nelson.

We have all become made oilers after watching the amazing shifts in health for ourselves and our clients  I'm so passionate about these oils and would love to share them with you;.  Whether it's
a physical or emotional block there is an oils for you and if not try the amazing aromatouch massage treatment

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