Lose Weight Fast - The Healthy Way - 2nd Jan 2013

Lose Weight Fast - The Healthy Way What a beautiful way to start the new year. The last 2 clients not only lost 5 and 6 kg respectively without even trying but their hair,their skin and their eyes were shining and new year's resolutions completed without even trying.


The ayruvedic detox , liver cleanse in particular, is the true healthy weight loss and it puts
you onto a new healthier way of living according to your type.  We all know how hard it is
to do it alone - so come and have it done for you and start 2013 with energy, vitality and
radiance from the inside out.


Emotional issues can come forward when we detox, at Shunyata we have the most amazing process called The Journey which clears them all out at a cellular level.
Even the US medical profession declares that 80%  of all illnesses are caused by
emotional blocks.

Do it for yourself now - come and detox and enter 2013 pure, clean, motivated and 5kg ligher.

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