It's time to Let Go of Romantic Illusion

I awoke this morning with the ache  of the betrayal of love. I am an empath so I feel these things in my being. How can I reach you my sister and hold you in my bosum, to comfort you in your sale of your soul for the sweet promise of crumbs thrown to you by the man who wants a goddess? How can I pierce the veil of pride that you hold around your heart and soul?
How can I hit your being with the truth of the veil of illusion of love that you have been fed generation after generation?   

This temple of our woman is longing to come back home to the love that shines from our hearts and our being. How man wants her to step up. Her man hates himself when her treats her like mud but he is only reflecting how she is treating herself. He has no idea of what love truly is, she's meant to show him this path. But she keeps hiding behind the lies of this veil covering her beauty, her radiance & her shining light.

"Please claim me deep masculine consciousness, I want nothing less."
Our soul calls in the night and yet we keep repelling this depth from our own illusions.She crys in her sleep, only to wake up covering another betrayal the next day.

When will it stop? When us older sisters, the crones of this world that can face the  mirror every day with wrinkles and still stand proud of non-betrayal of our souls and shout yes to life. The crones who have tasted the depth of the well of suffering. The ones who don't believe in the lies of love. Who know beyond the wrinkles and the veils of romantic love what true love beacons to the being and the soul.

STOP – We have to hold our sister's hand and lead her to the place of the temple of the goddess
and show her the way of true love. Then they can lead their warriors to victory. They can
help these men who feel lost to come home to the truth of their purpose in life. To let go of
the reins of the lies that they had to endure from their goddess.

Please sweet divine Laxmi help me, release me into a pool of abundance of truth of love so
I can hold my sister's hands and lead them home to their soul and hearts. Help me to help them
open from all the hurts and betrayals they have endured and encrusted in their own hearts.
To know what true love is, what it feels like to rise instead of falling in love. May every woman
drip with the succulence of the goddess and shine her light so that our gods can set forth on
purpose in presence and consciousness to serve this planet.

Oprah interviewed Ali Mcgrath yesterday who is now 75 and she revealed how she had
prostituted herself to Hollywood and all the lies that that represents and finally she can sit
with her grey hair and feel that wholeness inside and live a more authentic life. Her definition of spirituality was being authentic - comes from learning from her ego patterns of the 9 in the enneagram to be real.  Mine is as a 4 in the enneagram - to know true love beyond tragic romantic. Why wait till 75 to feel this, wake up to truth, surrender to a divine that is present for all of us that loves us and bring the fire back into your belly for life and love.

Step up, feel the rage of your own betrayal. Go forth and scream, dance, sob for the lies that
have run your life and held you back being your true self. Roll in the crumbs of love  you have settled for and shine forth on a new path of power in your solar plexus, knowing in your gut, openness & sweetness in your heart.

Go forth sisters and share the truth of who you truly are what your gift is to share with the world.

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