The Flowering of the Heart- Moving from Emotions to Feelings - 14th Jul 2014

I am at present in a university for the inner journey and to become awakened to be part of the
2 million people awakened in this world at present from this Oneness University.

It is amazing after 20 years of the journey in how much I have truly learnt, experienced and feel incredibly aware of and grateful for in the 2 weeks so far of this journey.  I made a declaration to be here for me and to do my journey but I can't help to feel how passionate and excited to share this with my clients.  We talk about transformation and freedom and see what is stopping us from experiencing this freedom.  I had felt freedom, there is no doubt about it as my ego patterns (they call conditioning) doesn't run my life right now, but this is a different type of freedom.  How our minds are just one mind and not to get rid of it but become friends with it.  We can't just get this from our minds we have to experience it for ourself and then it sinks into our beings our cells.  

I feel judgement is leaving me, I'm feeling more and more one with the animals, the plants, all
different nationalites.  You still have good days and bad days, but you are not attached.  You
know - this too will pass.  Little things that used to annoy me, have gone.  I care but I'm not attached.  My cranio-sacral sessions that we have been sharing, are deeper and more powerful than they have ever been and I feel a vehicle to truly help this world to heal.  I am so excited writing to you I can't contain this incredible passion and joy and love.  

I have learnt the difference between feelings and emotions and the difference between consciousness and awareness.  I have learnt the difference between love and attachment.
How to be with the mind and to make it your friend.  I have learnt how to bring abundance in your life and how your relationships with your parents either cause blocks in life or lack of abundance.

We come with so many blocks that hold us back from flowering.  Our belief systems, not
truly forgiving our hurts and our when our relationships are not good, we are not good.
We find that what we call love is attachement and it causes so much suffering in us.
Our fears disturb the peace in our hearts.  How we hold judgement of people and this robs
us of our freedom. Most people are dead, they are not living from their hearts.  Their life is run by conditioning, beliefs, fears and judgements.  How can we truly live?

They say we are beacons to help this planet heal by people waking up.  It comes a time in your life where you too have to share this light.  Today we did a  sunrise meditation and I truly felt the sun healing my cells, removing my toxins and can imagine doing  this on the deck at Shunyata.

I feel so grateful to have you in my life, so grateful for life, for my gorgeous place and for this
moment of bliss.  Love to you all from my deepest awakened heart.

If you want to experience some of this gorgeous amazing energy - bookings are available from August 7 onwards and I would love to see you again or anyone you know who could do with
a beautiful new start in life.


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