Retreat NZ for 2013 and the new dawn - 23rd Dec 2012

Retreat NZ for 2013 and the new dawn The new dawn has arisen and world hasn't ended just a deepening of consciousness and
compassion for 2013.  

Ask yourself what are the qualities you most admire in your mentors?  Aren't these the qualities we want to live ourselves.  My highest are humility and compassion.  The 9 ego type finds compassion easy for others,they just need to give this same compassion to themselves.  But if we all gave ourself more compassion we would find it easier to give to others.


Brandon Bays went live from Adelaide yesterday for the new dawn and talked about being
a victim and a victimiser (perpetrator).  We have all been both at some time in our lives
so it's time for a deep compassion for our inner child and all that is happening on the planet.

To also know who you truly are and who you are not helps the world cause you live effortlessly your gifts.  My family know that I am a natural nurturer.  I find this effortless,
it's who I am so people can all benefit from some nurturing.

So if you need to lose weight fast, overcome depression or anxiety, deal with anger management, detox or have a couples retreat  that will open your hearts beyond
counselling,give yourself a huge gift in 2013 and come and be nurtured at Shunyata and discover your true gifts that you can share with the world.  Step off the wheel of life and be nourished,
pampered and opened body mind and soul.

Merry xmas & a happy new dawn to all of you.

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