The Highest form of Love - Self Love - Unconditional Love & the Way Home - 10th Jun 2014

The Highest form of Love - Self Love - Unconditional Love & the Way Home

Today belongs to love, let me not fear.”

Nearly every person who comes to Shunyata doesn't really love themselves.They have disconnected from their true selves and are not loving the ego they are living under.What is this – weren't we told that” to be there for ourselves was selfish.”
Who are we really? Have you ever asked yourself who are you? What am I here for? What is my purpose? Most of us are just winging life.

When did it happen – when did we “edge god out” ego. It happens at about 3 yrs old where we took on a mask, a false identity and we realise that we have to set about doing something to get love. We start to realise we are what we achieve, what I have or what I do or what people think of us and then the pattern of ego gets formed. It was a place of survival of the strongest.

The world out there is going through deep stress. Stress is how we respond to the world when our needs are not met. Anger is a reaction to not getting our needs met and a loss of control. All of these reactions are based on our false identity.  It has come to a time where this competitive destructive ego and separation is not sustainable any more and the planet is hurting. Co-operation and mutual aid is the only way to go.

“I am the hole in the flute for which life flows” Rumi

There is our higher self, our essence our pure self and our mind or egoic self which is best described in the enneagram work.The Enneagram is a detailed map of the ego. It describes who you THINK  you are. It shows clearly patterns of the movements of mind. How the mind grasps what it wants, move away from what it fears, and push against what it wants to change or control.
The enneagram can be a truly masterful tool for waking up out of egoic identification. By seeing our own patterns, we can stop them when they don’t serve what we really want. We can notice how fear, anger, and sadness are mechanical emotional patterns that are common to all egos, and we can stop taking them personally. We can wake up out of the stories we form from these emotions, and realise they are not even real. In fact, most of what we are thinking, feeling and experiencing is just mechanical patterns of survival, being filtered through the egoic mind.  How can we truly love this egoic self?
 The search for enlightenment, is really the search for the truth of who we are. Suffering comes from ignorance, as the Buddha said thousands of years ago. Ignorance means ignoring reality, and placing our attention on what is not real. Instead of being present to the living, immediate, undiluted truth, we subjugate ourselves to a dead, conceptual reality based on the past. Our conditioning, what we have learned from others who themselves are ignorant of the truth, as well as our emotional reactions and our physical sensations, becomes reality for us. We believe it, act it out, and find proof and agreement for our stories of who we are.

 Some of us at the core of the egoic mind feel a deep sense of worthlessness, unworthiness, and self loathing. So we cover this deep self hatred with trying to get love from the outside.

Others of us feel in the depth that we are weak and incompetent, this gets covered with armour
saying I am strong and confident.

Some of us are deeply enraged. We feel a loss of control But feeling anger is not appropriate socially, and is not loveable, so instead we push it down, cover it over, go to sleep, go numb on top of it, so as not to explode and hurt someone, or break something. So we appear mellow and calm on the outside.

And some of us are simply terrified. A deep sense of terror lurks inside, about survival, death, abandonment, betrayal, not knowing, or being stuck. We then project loyalty, and fearlessness, in order to protect ourselves from our own mental projections of fear.
There is hope, there is a higher self inside each of us. This is the beauty of innocence,this is what we came in as. Our essence is divine, it's peaceful, it's real and authentic. We can go on a spiritual search for this but it is inside and it's pure. Also on this planet at the moment there is help to live from this place. 2 million people recently have become awakened and it's available to all of us.. We touch this place inside of us here in Shunyata, your essence your source and then it's about living from that place. 

Spirituality is about being honest with yourself and saying goodbye to this identity that
you thought was you. Spiritual awakening often happens after someone experiences a major trauma or turmoil in their life.

When you wake up at 3am in the morning know that this time is special

“The morning breeze has secrets to tell you do not go back to sleep “Rumi

This is the time you are closest to your true self to your essence.From this place you experience unconditional love.

A great movie about the ego is called "The Shift" Wayne Dyer

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