Be Part of the Magic Happening at Shunyata - 18th May 2014

Be Part of the Magic Happening at Shunyata


Hello beloveds

Do you want magic to happen in your life. We are programmed to grow spiritually in this lifetime and if we are not growing we feel stagnant.

Wow who would have thought we could become awake in this lifetime. Maybe you have never considered this for yourself. I didn't want it enough until Santosh and I split up and then I knew
freedom from mind, from ego, from conditioning and karma was all I wanted and what better time
to attain it than in this planet at this time.
I have recently become part of the oneness group which I have been observing for quite a few years but as we always believe in timing – wasn't the right time. I was meant to do one of the first courses in India way back in 2004 after my yoga teachers training and didn't go. Saw them in Bali and loved the no ego part of their persona, watched old friends in Byron Bay completely change and it wasn't until recently after I heard about the chambers they hold, that a friend took me. Amazing things have been happening in little old Diamond Harbour. They have started cutting down myhedge and now the trees in front that have blocked the view (as you all know this has been here for 3 yrs. Wow what a view – we are now so close to the ocean. .After doing the weekend oneness blessing I cleared all with my father and money issues are fading. My excitement for life is contagious and I can't stop smiling. 2Million people on this planet have been awakened which means that their minds and patterning are no longer running them.

Oneness is helping you connect to your higher power - to your divine and ask for help to clear all the things you have been doing on your own.  Your karma, your patterning and your ancestral conditioning.  It accelerates all that we were doing on our own.  It's magic and it's real.  Anything that takes you away from feeling one with the universe.

What this means for you my beloved clients is, if you are keen on this, you can have free oneness blessings at Shunyata and have a taste of this amazing awakening. I am off to India in July into
August to deepen this process and so ask you to tell all your friends who have thought about coming to Shunyata that June is the month. It is the time for Vata's to do a detox as many people
are feeling out of balance. It is also the time to deepen into your source, your essence and
have more peace in your life. We look at hurts, when we haven't forgiven totally, fears and where we lie to ourself and where we are not in acceptance of things. $50 off journey retreats and $100 off detox's. Did you know that addiction is anything we use to escape the present moment. We can be addicted to our minds,food and anything.

You can ask for whatever you want because you deserve – it is granted if you are authentic. I
want to share this with you – I want you to taste this amazing freedom. Call now 03 3294773
or email

So spread the word to your friends and if you can make it in June for a tune up let me know.
Shunyata will be closed July till mid August and maybe end of August and then who knows,
but magic is possible for all of us. Move beyond mediocrity and start becoming part of this
amazing awakening on this planet. You can't put a $ value on this freedom.

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