Weight loss from the Soul - 18th Jun 2013


Many people are eating unconciously and using food for Love are you one of them?
Kilos of weight gain are walls of protection and hurts accumulated from childhood and life in general
Food is an addiction and one that we can't hide like other addictions - it shows painfully.
Overeating is an act of spiritual starvation
Our addictions are driven by deep and forgotten emotions

We get the new diet, we stick it out, we lose weight and then within months the weight comes back on.
Do you know this one? Diets don't go to the root cause, we need to go deeper to past conditioning,
beliefs and emotions and clear them out for life.

Weight loss beyond diet

Well if you found your way to this page you have made the first step home back to your true self and here at Shunyata you will find that inspiration and guidance in a place of love instead of fear.

Paru also came from this background where her drug of choice was food and after many years on
her path can truly, sincerely and with love and integrity help you home to banish weight gain for life.
This is not a quick fix weight loss, this is a lifetime change done in a safe envioronment where you truly
chose love over fear and come home to the higher part of you that has been disconnected.

At Shunyata you will do more than a weight loss
  • You  will understand your emotional eating patterns and dissolve the walls that kept you trapped
  • You clear deep childhood wounds & reinhabit your body from dissociation
  • You refall in love with your body and inner child
  • You leave with a love of good wholesome nourishing eating
  • You will be inspired and held safely as you return to love
  • You will see discipline ruled by fear melt into love
Come for 5 days and do the emotional work and go home to drop the kilos
Come for 7 or 15 days and drop the kilos here while doing the emotional work

Depends on how many you have to lose - will it be 5kg or 35kg - all it takes is your participation
and desire and timing that you are truly sick of the old ways.  Everything else is magic
Call Paru now and discuss which programme will suit you  03 3294773

I don't feel guilty any more about spending money or time on myself, and I am less accepting of negative behavior by others.  I now find I have an Emotional resilience and more confidence and don't carry the childhood baggage that has been kilos for life.  I also got rid of relationships that
don't serve me   Thank you for helping me drop 30kg of stuck baggage
Julie Australia

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