Cancer Retreat & Benefits of Detox & Emotional Healing - 25th May 2013

Cancer Retreat & Benefits of Detox & Emotional Healing


In a progressive cancer clinic in Atlanta they quoted the many causes of cancer are a combination
of heavy metals, viruses, cellular oxygen deprivation, metabolic acidosis and emotional/spiritual issues.  

If you come down with cancer - maybe it's a soul's wake up call for you to change things in your life.  Wouldn't you like to know why you got the cancer so it didn't come back?

Shunyata has been open for 10 years now specialising in emotional Healing with The Journey & Detox with Ayurveda.  Combine this with The enneagram - which is ego types and patterns that keep us stuck,  cranio-sacral where you access the wisdom of the body which speaks truth, ozone therapies and
alkalising and diet in general, Paru the owner feels that healing is imminent.

One ayurveda type should do raw food, another alkalising is more important and another warming
foods is more nourishing.  Some ego types need to learn to feel again after shutting down anger
and numbing out on emotions and another needs to stop letting emotions run them.  We are all
individuals and what works for one is not necessarily for the other.

One lady came with a throat tumour and she needed to speak her truth - so realising this - the tumour disappeared.  Recently the well known author Wayne Dyor had leukemia and had cranio sacral sessions twice a week and went on to encourage the author to write about how  the mystery of cranio-sacral works.


We all get a wake up call of some sort in life, whether it be physical and emotional and it's the soul
calling us back to ourselves.  If we can see beyond the mind and the fear doubt and judgement,
we can access our souls teaching.  Here at Shunyata Paru provides this amazing tranquil
environment for this journey inwards.  She doesn't proclaim to cure cancer, but she believes
that if the client and her work together - miracles happen.

Read Dying to be Me and see the miracle that is possible

She would love to help you to connect with your higher self and what you need to learn from this cancer in a beautiful peaceful loving environment with food that nourishes the soul.  Whether you do the
5 day or 7 day detox or the 3 day emotional healing retreat - you will leave here revitalised and on the road to healing.

I challenge you to find a better value for money retreat in Australasia. 
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