Top 5 Benefits of a Yoga Retreat - 1st May 2013

Top 5 Benefits of a Yoga Retreat


Yoga is fast becomming one of the top ways of entering old age because of all its benefits as per the  multi award winning  video that you can view at Shunyata called Yoga Woman
  1.  The overall feeling of inner peace,tranquility  & clarity to take into your day
  2.  The falling in love of your body and the infinite intelligence it has -  The mind is full of fear doubt & judgement, the body speaks truth
  3.  The lubricating  & strenghtening of the joints which start to squeak as we get older
  4.  The amazing posture that yoga gives you to open your heart to life so more rounded shoulders.
  5.  To locate your deepest source of empowerment, creativity & happiness and shift depression.


Imagine doing yoga on a gorgeous deck overlooking an ocean that sparkles like diamonds - much better than a yoga studio with sweaty bodies.  "This setting is amazing for yoga and you should
offer this to other yoga teachers said a recent yoga teacher who came to Shunyata for a retreat"
The peace and quiet of the birdsong with the breeze on your face.

 Shunyata opened 9 years ago and Paru wanted people who had never taken up yoga to takeit up or if they had let it go ,to restart.  She is happy to say this is happening. It can be intimidating going to a class full of flexible yoginis - she well knows from doing one of those classes every morning at 6am in Byron Bay - so here at Shunyata you feel at home wherever you are at.

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