Who are you Truly? Reflections on amazing book" Dying to be Me" - 10th Apr 2013

Who are you Truly?  Reflections on amazing book Just read an amazing book about a lady who had a near death experience (NDE )being riddled with cancer and came back with no cancer in her body and what she learnt about what the cancer was trying to teach her.  

She had a choice to pass or come back and knew if she came back she would have a gift to share.

We all need inspiration and was praying for something like this to come along in a quiet time here at Shunyata.  Her story touched deeply around some principles of life I would hope I was living and teaching.

1.  Be true to yourself - stop trying to please family, friends, lovers and everyone else - it will cause havoc in your life.  Work on your own worth.
2.  Know Yourself so you canTrust your own inner healer - there is so much controversy out there about the way to go if you come down with cancer or a serious illness- know whats right for you.
3.  Be Healthy but not Fanatical - have some fun, have a wine and something naughty sometimes - but follow a wellness honouring that's right for your body.
4.  Have some Quiet time and give the mind a rest- even if you can't meditate - go to nature and be still
5.  Come from Love not Fear - nearly every day we act from fears - face those fears and come to love - love has clarity - fear and the mind is in confusion
6.  Many Illnesses are actually Mental and Spriitual & Emotional Blocks- when seeking treatment make sure you do the emotional healing
7.  Self Love is the best Journey Home- You wake up with you every day - you can only love another as much as you love yourself - stop the war inside
8.  Live life Totally in the Present Moment - there's never a problem - only when we go into our minds which are past/furture - fear doubt and judgement - is there a problem
9.  Just Be Yourself - enjoy, laugh and do things that make you happy- celebrate uniqueness
10.  Know you have a purpose and find it -    We all have a gift  to offer - what's yours.

On reflection I feel her ego type was a 9 - the peacemaker - so come and find out what your ego type
that is running you and causing you the repeated pattgerns of suffering.

Live your life as if you are going to die tomorrow .

Thank you Anita Moorjani for your message

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