Why do we need to Retreat - 1st Mar 2013

Retreat in New Zealand

Retreat NZ

Life sometimes can be very challenging and we need to get down off the wheel to regroup.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

When was the last time you were self caring and gave to yourself?

There is a thirst in everyone to find that place of wellbeing. When body mind and soul are in tune we are retuned to hear the exquisite music of life.Sometimes it''s our bodies that need to detox, sometimes our minds need to unplug and sometimes our soul needs to open it's wings and fly. Life is in need of continuous balance. The earthquakes in Christchurch have disturbed that  balance for many Cantabrians and  people are finding that illnesses are not healing and everything seems a struggle.

Has anyone told you the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement and yet 90% of us are living there.
We can't just go running to get out of our heads because this becomes another addiction and can become unhealthy We can't just change our diet, on top of this we need to raise our consciousness so we don't become ill. We find it hard in everyday life to do a cleanse or detox because life is challenging and it's hard to do it without help. We need to reach out and ask to have that balance back.

Paru from Shunyata quotes - Brandon Bays ended up with a tumour the size of a basketball because
she was healing other people and her pride wouldn't allow her to think it would happen to her.
Our egos are running us and when something like an earthquake happens - that's where we go
back to, for survival.  But is it working ? - no - things just don't seem to be the same.

At Shunyata we offer:
  •  A physical detox with ayurveda
  •  An emotional healing retreat or couples return to love with The Journey
  •  Exercise with yoga and body awareness overlooking the deck and gorgeous coastal walks
  •  Many types of meditation to help deep breathing & silencing the mind
  • The library has some amazing books to read and afternoon is the you time to process the amazing shifts that happen for you to put you back on track in the world.
  • The dvd's in the evening from all over the world are very inspirational
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