The Magic of Menopause - 4th Sep 2021

The Magic of Menopause


Many woman look at the changes they experience at menopause as a hindrance, yet this time can be one of the most beautiful and empowered stages in a woman’s life if she allows the wisdom of this transformative process to guide her. We are offering a day-long retreat in stunning Diamond Harbour to share ways of supporting our physical and emotional bodies as we move beyond hot flushes, mood swings, sleep disturbances and memory loss. Give yourself a day of healing and nourishment!


Where: Shunyata Retreat 10 Rawhiti Street Diamond Harbour

Cost: $150

Our two facilitators share their diverse work and life experience as it relates to the growth of the feminine spirit

Paru Clarke has been on a path of awakening years for over thirty years, which has taken her all around the world. For the past 17 years, she has been running Shunyata retreat centre in Diamond Harbour, specializing in emotional healing, ayurvedic traditions, cranio-sacral work, massage, and aromatherapy with pure essential oils. After watching her mother suffer deeply at menopause, Paru was determined not to have that same experience. She looks forward to sharing the wisdom of menopause she has gleaned over the years.


Elizabeth Gould is a teacher, writer, and activist who is passionate about ritual and rites of passage for girls and women. For several years, she was the Executive director of The Red Web Foundation, a non-profit that encourages positive menstrual/menopausal health and wellbeing. Elizabeth looks forward to sharing her insights on the menopausal journey.


Our time together will include: ritual, storytelling, practical wisdom (drawing from Ayurveda and the Enneagram), massage, movement, and a delicious vegetarian meal and luscious treats. By the end of the day, you will have more tools and knowledge of how to care for yourself during this major life transition. Get in quick – limited space

Contact Paru to book your space or tel/txt 0272 777734
pick up from 9.50am ferry available.
Paru is in Australia till 11 Aug so if need to talk call Elizabeth on 02102630775

This will be a natural healing day for anyone who is heading into menopause or feeling the changes and wants to do it well.


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