Immune Boosting with Plant Based Medicine - 29th Feb 2020

Immune Boosting with Plant Based Medicine HEY CHRISTCHURCH PEEPS -

Come out to gorgeous Diamond Harbour by 1.50pm ferry and learn about
how this amazing plant based medicine can help you boost your immune  in these irky viruses time

20% of starter packs - sleeping, sports and so much more    - Last day
free oils - grapefruit free for metabolism with starter pack
Go in the draw to get free ozone sauna
Get sugar free recipes for chocolate with cacao and get to eat Paru's divine wild orange fudge
Free wild orange oil
Just a great day out with beautiful views and food, just learning about wellness the fun way

It's a no brainer.  Msg me 0272 777734 if you want to be picked up off the 1.50pm ferry

Do you have an interest in proactive, plant based health and wellness?!
In other words do you believe in empowerment!!!
Irky viruses around - how to boost your immune!
How to get microbiom in order - gut brain health and how I overcame candida
Need more energy

There's an oil for everything



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