About Shunyata

About Shunyata

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - for an individually tailored experience, because here it's all about you!

You will: ·
  • Experience a retreat that has been specifically tailored to your goals – whether they are emotional healing, detox, heart opening, weight loss, pampering, commencing a sugar free diet, etc.
  • Be nurtured, supported and pampered
  • Gain inspiration and insight that will transform your life and you will leave physically and emotionally cleansed, clear and connected
  • Become healthy and happy while experiencing a fun, delicious and decadent retreat
  • Leave with a sense of wholeness as well as wellness
Shunyata was opened in 2005 as part of Paru's commitment to assisting people to open their hearts and care for themselves (self love) so that they can be present in their daily lives.

Shunyata is a place of nurturing, caring, love, and has a spiritual healing energy. It is based in a beautiful, peaceful home in Diamond Harbour, Christchurch. It has many private spaces (including our amazing yoga deck) to relax and look out at the gorgeous bay and surrounding hills, lovely wild English gardens as well as a spa bathroom, modern kitchen, private bedrooms, treatment rooms and lounge.

If you have time to explore, there are many stunning coastal walks around Shunyata as well as three volcanic beaches just 10 minutes away. Paru also offers day excursions if you wish to get out and explore the surrounding areas.

Shunyata specialises in emotional healing to help you let go of unconscious and habitual patterns of behaviour by using tools such as The Journey, mindfulness, the Enneagram, yoga, meditation, nourishing food and body work. We help you to open your heart, because if our hearts aren’t open, we are numb and not experiencing the beauty of life.

All of Paru's therapies are well respected and most importantly work. Shunyata was the first retreat to offer The Journey in 2005, now five other retreats in Australasia are offering The Journey – it truly works as the ultimate clearing of emotional blocks. The change is on a cellular level. Please refer to the services pages for more information on Paru's  therapies.

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