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About ParuIt is with great honour and integrity that I am  passionate to help you acess your soul's purposel, to help you uncover your deepest knowings on a concious level both in this lifetime and in the past.

My search for answers to some of the major questions about life, existence and meaning was forced on me at 30 years old when I lost custody of my child.  I look back on this now as a wake up call to go deeper and knew I had asked for it.  At this time of my life I then went into deep suffering that seemed to last for nearly 10 years."  My mother also had a stroke at 50 and aftr watching her suffer for 25 years decided to live her passion and everything she didnt get to do.So every winter I travel the world to update with the top leaders in the field of healing, health, consciousness and doterra pure essential oils.

Paru's journey can be referred to as Acharya - which means educated through the depths of personal experience. Humility and unconditional love are her lifelong lessons."  I would call myself spiritual but this word has a bad wrap and I feel I live my life with integrity and believe in working hard and have my feet on the ground - life is my teacher".

Having been a successful businesswoman she then started diving into personal development and spiritual healing in Byron Bay and finally came home after travelling the world for 27 years. Her life was so full and she didn't know anything was wrong until that day.

The Journeymethodnz

Shunyata came out of the deep longing to help people come back to life after a wake up call or when things get very wrong in life, a breakup etc. She got her wake up call 20 years ago by losing custody of her child. She opened Shunyata, because she would have loved a place to heal the pain and suffering she encountered and has been on a journey to this day learning everything about health, healing and spirituality full time. She would call herself an earth mama - grounded and not airy fairy. She doesn't believe that we can help other people until we have truly healed ourselves, so with the enneagram, the journey and numerous workshops and recently the oneness phenonemon and doterra oils, she feels she walks her talk and you the clients are her teachers to keep her humble. Her commitment to you is being up to date with the most advanced and innovative health, healing and spiritual advancements world wide and she travels often to do this.  She was instrumental in bringing THE JOURNEY to New Zealand in 2002 and has been working fulltime  and upgrading this work ever since. Her deep passion
is to bring people to their essence (their true selves) and to help in conscious relating either in relationship or alone beyond patterns of conditioning.

Every winter she travels the world updating herself and this work and has realised thatShunyata is always growing but really up there on world standards of health and healing. Spirituality for her means living from the heart more than the head and evolving with life.

The most recent shift in abundance and more opening of the heart has come with Doterra Essential Oils and she is so wanting to help you empower you and your family to wellness.
Lets face it life is hard sometimes and the stuggle is real, these pure essential oils that have a  very high frequency can truly help you be here on this planet.
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doTERRA is touching  the world both in the purest CPTG oils and in giving back and creating oneness.

She thanks her teachers deeply for this awakening and holds them forever close to her heart
Brandon and Kevin from The Journey
David Deida
Oneness University
Matt Kahn

"You couldn't find a more peaceful, juicy and gorgeous environment for healing and believe me I have looked "- having travelled the world for 27 years.

She loves her work – what a job – helping people find their true selves!

Magic is available now for all of us, you just have to be willing to be guided  through a process and life changes deeply on the inside and out.

She is so excited to be more free from beliefs, the negative mind and emotions that plagued her in the early days and wants to share this freedom with her clients. "You can't put a price on this freedom, but to live my life as the true self with happiness and joy is sublime".

When she's not upgrading Shunyata in some form or other she adores cooking, new world music and travelling and is always scouting for new, sometimes healthy and sometimes naughty recipes to feed you. Also she's passionate about waking up in this lifetime and serving relationships beyond romantic love into a deeper more profound form of loving and sexual healing.

Her qualifications include
  • Qualified Journey Therapist – Australian trained
  • Qualified cranio-sacral and massage therapist – Australian and Indian trained
  • Ayurvedic therapist – Indian trained
  • Yoga Teacher – Indian trained
  • Relationship counsellor – Australian trained
  • Reiki Master - Indian trained
  • Sexual Shamanic Healing Retreat
  • Reflexologist trained in Bali
  • Oneness Blessing Giver
  • Spiritual teacher
  • Aroma Touch Doterra Oil Certified
  • Doterra Silver  Empowerment Leader


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