About Paru

About Paru

If you are maori – maybe the name Paru doesn’t sit with you well -.the dictonary explains the meaning of Paru in maori is..dirt,  ....which is a coincidence in my life story.

First of all it’s Paru – with the emphasis on PA – given to me by my master Osho in Pune and it means fire of love. If we go back to the maori  meaning of the name -I can humbly say it fits – my surname used to be Grime,and since coming home after 27 years overseas, I feel so grounded connected to the earth, so it’s perfect.

My background like many in New Zealand was gritty,was dirty, like once were warriors, alcoholic father who used to beat up my mother and being a sensitive soul blocking out all these memories, I took off overseas to get away and didn’t return for 27 years.  I truly thought there was nothing
wrong, spoke 3 languages, travelled the world and became a successful travel agent.  Then life gave me a massive  wake up call in Byron Bay over 30 years ago and I had to look in and know that I was being called to do something greater with my life.I had to get real and go inside to the memories I had blocked. and  luckily I was in the mega capital for growth, Byron Bay,
and became the workshop junkie,doing everything I could to eleviate this suffering.Finally, thanks to a teacher who pushed me to share my gifts,  it was time to come home to help other people.

The Purpose of a Life Crisis is to Make you Aware of the  Unhealed Trauma that caused it
Mastin Kipp

Fast forward 20 years and I now know perfectly why I called my websitejourneyessence.com –essence meaning potential of the best part of yourself.I wanted to open a retreat to help people like I would have loved and 17 years on Shunyata has truly been a blessing for my clients and myself in deepening the search inside. Trust was my biggest obstacle in Byron Bay with people who didn't walk their talk, one of the most important parts of being able to get on with the work
so quickly and I can assure you ,this I have earned over the last 20 years.

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you. Hafiz

Covid has not allowed us to look forward, so going back we uncover the meaning of our journey and mine has been so humbling, dark, messy and incredible. A true mud to lotus story. Would I change anything – no,everything that comes to you is a gift from god. I have let go of fear of the unknown, I have uncovered a lonliness and a hole inside that is no longer there, I have learnt to love myself unconditionally,I have let go of tragic romantic and I have truly found happiness and wellness and can share this journey, from having been there, with you.

Patience has never been a virtue of mine, so I have taken the work that truly gets to the core so you are not in counselling for years.Some people can spend a lifetime searching for this,only to realise that it is not out there with any guru or any teacher, they are just incredible props and inspirations for your journey inside – your essence, your causeless joy.I humbly thank all my teachers but ultimately it’s empowerment within you, your essence, your truth.  This connection is done through the body and the soul, true healing.

.I use the enneagram (patterns of unconcious behaviour) or the ego, The Journey Method,  – world renown process of liberating the human potential, heal your life and set yourself free.

Yoga, meditation, cranosacral balancing, high vibrancy essential oils and many other therapies that truly work amassed over 30 years, true healing from body awareness & mindfulness.
This freedom is pure causeless joy

When I'm not upgrading Shunyata in some form or other I adore collecting healthy delicious recipes and making them my own,new world music and travelling not just for travelling sake,
but to collect world class wellness techniques, amass new world cuisine and to speak at
international conventions.  People will call me a passionate loving open human on a true journey of life.
My qualifications include
  • Qualified Journey Therapist – Australian trained
  • Qualified cranio-sacral and massage therapist – Trained in India
  • Ayurvedic & Panchakarma  therapist – Indian trained
  • Yoga Teacher – Indian trained
  • Relationship counsellor – David Deida
  • Reiki Master - Indian trained
  • Sexual Shamanic Healing - worldwide
  • Reflexologist trained in Bali
  • Enneagram trained by many world renown teachers
  • Spiritual teacher
  • Massage of all calibres including syncronicity of the cells for chronic illness
I look forward to meeting you and working on body, mind and spirit to bring you back to wholeness where anything can be healed.


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