Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - couples retreats, yoga and meditation, emotional healing, detox & weight loss

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - couples retreats, yoga and meditation, emotional healing, detox & weight loss

Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one!

Nestled in an untouched paradise called  Diamond Harbour in Banks Peninsula, 45 mins from Christchurch-overlooking the ocean - you will find our hidden gem of a  wellness retreat
and day spa.

You can learn from a teacher, course or book, or you can learn from life experience and then be given your map home to your own unique wisdom. At Shunyata,we focus on true wellness with meditation, mindfulness, spiritual direction, massage therapy, yoga and nature where you will find the healing retreat nz -home to  wellness in body and soul.
Clients come to me feeling  stuck or trapped asking themselves if there is more to life than this 
Many are lacking clarity,frustration & unhappiness in their relationships 
Some feel  depressed, hurt and shutdown and don't know how to forgive and let go  but can't do it alone
Others are simply overwhelmed and burnt out & exhausted?
and some diagnosed with an illness and want to deal with it naturally, body, mind  and soul
Mostly people are sick of online therapy, being one in a huge group,  trying to shift a block or issue only to not get to the core

The beautiful thing about life is no matter what happened to you in the past, you can always begin again Dhiman

If you resonate with any of this  - Shunyata  offers an amazing affordable retreat or day spa  christchurch where you can come anytime, focused uniquely on your needs and goals that will return you  to true happiness, your birthright. Calm your mind, reset your passion and potential so you can live your life on purpose

I knew when I got off the plane this would be a life changer.  Paru your love, inspiration & passion is a genuine reflection of "walking the talk" and you have truly created an embrace of beauty for a true foodie to visit

Make this year your best one yet as you reset your body’s natural systems in  an away-from-it-all sanctuary that will leave you fully recharged and renewed - the best Health,Wellness, Detox & Couples Retreat in New Zealand

tel:0272777734 or email

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Emotional Healing

Are you ready to embrace yourself as the master of your own life as you go through a major life transition!

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Detox & Weight Loss

Most people think you go hungry when you detox and need inspiration to start!  Come do it the ayurvedic way.

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Couples Counselling

Most relationships lose their spark!  Don't you think that yours is worth lighting the fire of passion again into vibrant loving?

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Day Spa

Do you only have a day but want to make it unforgettable?  Come and be pampered in a unique peaceful environment.

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